The New Diamond Philosophy

"DiamArt is the evolution of the micro diamond, also known as diamond powder. "

A new concept for the sector and for applications of precious stones, which can now shine out where it once was impossible. A new frontier for diamonds, both natural and created.

A philosophy based on constant research, experimentation and creativity. A union of artisan knowledge and craftsmanship, skill and sensibility, coupled with industrial processes and advanced technology.

Unique methods emerging from know-how, experience and hard work, giving rise to exquisite micro diamond surfaces. DiamArt sees and applies diamonds where no-one has seen them or even dared to imagine them before, moving beyond the idea of a single stone.

The DiamArt mission is to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary: a unique idea and a unique process for a unique product. Maximum luxury that breaks conventional boundaries. All this is DiamArt, The new diamond philosophy.

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