Antonio Reyes


Official Partner for Spain

I have extensive experience in the gemstone business as a salesman. I love being at the forefront, immersing myself in the market and always looking for new ways and new approaches to surprise and satisfy the customer.

Team spirit, supervision and leadership are some of my strengths as a salesman, sales manager and now general manager.

I love developing business and applying all the tools I have learnt over the years. Studying the market, analysing sales and the product, dialogue and confrontation between the various players involved in the business to achieve objectives together.

This is exactly what I perceived as soon as I met DiamArt: the possibility of growing together.

Today I want to make all my knowledge available to DiamArt to make the best of this new adventure. I worked in a leading luxury company for years, giving a lot and learning a lot. Today, this wealth of skills allows me to approach new realities and grasp their potential.

After years of working in a company, which allowed me to dialogue with several corporate functions: product, marketing, logistics, finance and sales, in 2012, I was offered the opportunity to create my own to act as an authorised official distributor of precious gems for Spain. This is how I founded 4C, which combines experience and a vision of work that always leads me to plan for the long term, and I would like to imagine myself many years from now in tune with the DiamArt team satisfied with the work we have achieved together. Now, all we have to do is work to turn wishes into reality!

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