Carlo Favaro

Carlo Favaro
Chief Design Officer

From my schooldays onwards, my education was geared to the design sector. To this end I gained a diploma in industrial design and a masters in design and communication. Since then, my work has led me to gain varied experience in numerous professional fields as a product manager: contract and chief technical officer in the furniture sector; R&D in the sport and automation sectors.

My adventure with DiamArt began when the project was just getting started. I was attracted by a material - micro diamond - that was so unique and able to combine function with aesthetic and communicative value.

I immediately saw the potential of the DiamArt project, which encompasses innovation and a wide range of applications, and I became extremely interested in every aspect of it, from research to the multiple uses of the technique to enhance and embellish any object. For this reason I want to help make DiamArt a landmark brand in the luxury sector.

What's more, I was won over by the founders' enthusiasm and a desire to create things with them.

Over time, my relationship with DiamArt has changed. I no longer think of it as a work project made up of goals and results; it has become an association with the Ferrari family, first Isidoro and then Elisa and Alberto.

I was attracted by what I like to call the "fundamental values", which are not only professional success and profit, but rather passion, creativity and sharing and, if we're very good and virtuous, doing some good for others.

I find inspiration in the things I love: the rising sun, a leafy wood where all is colour, scent and sound. Land and nature, everything is in constant evolution, so we too must get used to change, and that's what I've been doing all my life. Bringing a good dose of optimism and smiles to every moment.

I move forward with my head, with facts and with my heart. At work, in the mountains or on a yacht.

This is my vision of the world, my personal philosophy and my professional approach to my work.

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