Diego Brea


Jewelry Official Partner for Italy

I'm the general manager of QPlus srl, a company specialising in the trade and promotion of precious stones. My encounter with DiamArt ignited my passion and enthusiasm to embark on a new adventure, in which I believed firmly from the very start.

Professionalism, quality, shared values and principles to launch DiamArt micro diamond surfaces on the Italian luxury jewellery market. This is the vision that triggered my desire to act and build. I don't like improvisation, I like planning and working hard to achieve common objectives.

I trained at a technical school, after which I immediately had the opportunity to learn about precious stones and start working in the sector. I studied a lot, attending courses at the GIA (Gemological Institute of America); I was eager for technical knowledge in order to improve, to be more prepared in my work. My experience in the field was fundamental.

Between 1986 and the present in Vicenza - where I still live and work - I gained considerable experience in the Italian precious stones market, working for sixteen years with a well-known Austrian brand making crystal objects; within the company is a division for precious stones: sapphires, rubies, emeralds and lab-grown diamonds.

This was the most important training I received in a company prior to starting my own business. It allowed me to understand and fully appreciate the beauty of this work, thanks to which I've come into contact with most of the Italian luxury jewellery firms.

And this experience I now bring to the partnership between DiamArt and QPlus.

The motto that guides me in life and work reminds me of what my father taught me: today's dreams are tomorrow's projects. And the way to achieve them is to work hard every day!

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