Furniture with Micro Diamonds Details for Palazzo Monga Boutique Hotel


In Corso Portoni Borsari in the heart of Verona stands the neoclassical Palazzo Monga, one of the city's most exclusive boutique guesthouses. The lobby and the coffee lounge boast all the sparkle and prestige of micro diamond additions to furniture, thanks to a collaboration between DiamArt and designer Carlo Favaro. The collection consists of a mirror and two armchairs and was created with Fratelli Damian of Treviso. The frame is gold-plated steel, the edges decorated with micro diamond.

The result is simple, clean and sophisticated.


The combination of gold-plated steel with minimalist decoration in micro diamond allowed highly aesthetic effects to be created, showcasing Made in Italy design and quality craftsmanship.

The Palazzo Monga collection was designed to add elegance to the rooms and create a contemporary atmosphere with unique items suitable for both modern and classical styles.

Project development

The full-length mirror (200 x 100 cm) is enclosed by a double-curved frame finished in gold plating. The edge of the frame is coated in DiamArt 's Stellar White micro diamond from the Caracto collection.
The micro diamond surface is inlaid all around the perimeter of the frame, adding glamour and sparkle while highlighting the minimalist, modern design

The armchairs stand on multifaceted legs decorated with DiamArt micro diamond, which continues throughout the metal structure, from legs to backrest, resulting in clean lines and a delicate aqua green colour. The shape is perfectly symmetrical, with generous seat and back upholstered in soft velvet, the perfect match for the slim frame in micro diamond and steel.

A unique outcome in terms of colour, style and aesthetics.

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