Fakhri Tarabein


Official partner for the Middle East and North Africa

As with all great passions, with DiamArt it was love at first sight.

I'm a jeweller and I'm always looking for unique, exclusive and unforgettable items. So I couldn't avoid noticing this Italian company with all its innovation, imagination and creative enthusiasm.

But I'm also a businessman, founder and CEO of Sam & Bros co., and in DiamArt I spotted a great opportunity for the Luxury and Interior Design market in the Middle East.

What I love about DiamArt, apart from its originality, unique concept and excellent tech-nique, is the people that run the firm.

They work so hard to make their products stand out, and there's an equally strong feeling that we're all united in a journey to success that involves all of us.

I feel a partner in responsibility and a partner in success; that's an extraordinary feeling and what makes DiamArt special, along with meticulous attention to detail. To me these are syn-onymous with excellence and constant improvement.

With DiamArt I feel there's no limit to what we can achieve together.

In fact, I'm convinced that our only limit is our imagination, because if you can dream a thing up, you can do it.

And with DiamArt you can imagine and dream on a large scale.

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