Federica Zanini

Sales Manager

I was immediately hooked, fascinated by the ingenuity of the idea. Attracted by its irrefutable beauty, I seized the challenge I was offered.

DiamArt required the opening of a new market, working with its vitality and versatility.

DiamArt is not merely a project, it's a coming together of people and professionalism, a fluid concept that's constantly changing, with a focus on excellence.

Working for DiamArt encourages you to be a visionary, to imagine new projects, new worlds in luxury and interior design.

In this way it reflects my passion for exploration, discovery, attention to detail and the con-stant pushing of boundaries in an ongoing tension of individual and collective improvement.

DiamArt is sensitivity to beauty, seen as a value to be shared.

My background is in natural stone for construction and architecture, and I have a good knowledge of the merits and characteristics of materials and, more importantly, of the skills of the people who work them and the experience of those who use technology to create so-lutions that are structurally and aesthetically unique.

That's why I understand the importance of the human factor in the processing of any materi-al, which I meticulously research.

And this aspect doesn't escape me in DiamArt. Its strength lies in this human input, which is the distinctive feature of a product enhanced by artisan know-how, consisting of experience and understanding of the micro diamond, otherwise known as diamond powder.

For this reason DiamArt is very close to my aspiration of marketing a product which is unique in terms of technology, craftsmanship, potential and aesthetic results.

This is a company that showcases Italian technology, craftsmanship and commercial talent.

I believe that DiamArt's Italianness is its distinguishing feature. It’s a true expression of Made in Italy quality that shows the world passion, manual skill, creativity and inventive-ness, but also the technical progress, expertise, method and constancy with which an Italian product can make a difference in the world.

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