Klarit Collection

Diamond Carats:
Klarit Classic (See IGI Report)
0,12 ct/cm2 natural diamond with bright metallic PVD coating

A surface made with natural diamonds with with bright metallic PVD coating for an even more sparkling and beautiful effect. The seductive and bold character of Klarit catches the eye and arouses the curiosity.

With Klarit, DiamArt launches natural diamonds coated in bright metal, a world first which once again confirms the creative and technological spirit of a company that offers ever-new solutions for the luxury sector, in an ongoing quest for exclusivity.

Available in Classic version, Klarit collection has a colour range from White and Black to four other shades: Dark Blue, Green, Purple and Red.

Colours can also be customised on the client's request.

Discover the Klarit Collection

Click the image to discover each Micro Diamond Surface from the view of a microscope

The Classics

The Colors

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