Riflessa Collection

Carati di Diamante:
Riflessa Classic (See IGI Report)
0,01 ct/cm2 natural diamond
0,11 ct/cm2 created diamond

Riflessa Superior (See IGI Report)
0,02 ct/cm2 natural diamond

0,22 ct/cm2 created diamond

As the name suggests, Riflessa hinges on diamond's ability to reflect light. The combination of natural diamond and created diamond with bright metallic PVD coating is designed for excellent effects: the light is reflected strongly and evenly, while retaining the exquisite appearance of natural diamond.

A collection that leads the observer's gaze beyond the material itself, playing with refraction to exalt the stone's ability to reflect and enhance both light and itself.

A small but huge revolution in the concept of precious stones, in which the exquisite effect is not only in the object itself, but also in the viewer. A display with two protagonists: diamond and observer, and with light as the common thread.

Colours available are Shining White and Shining Black.

Colours can also be customised on the client's request.

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