Sunrise in Venice - Decorative Design Elemen with Micro Diamonds


"Sunrise in Venice" is a work conceived by Venetian designer Carlo Favaro and executed in collaboration with Fratelli Damian of Treviso, who provided technical support and the framework in gold-plated polished steel.


The work is a free interpretation of dawn in Venice by Carlo Favaro, who seeks to reproduce the reflections of the first rays of sun on the Venetian lagoon.

In order to convey the particular sparkle of the water at sunrise, the Venetian designer chose a DiamArt micro diamond surface, judging the Infinity Black version from the Caracto collection as the most suitable for creating the limitless glittering effects which enhance the work.

In "Sunrise in Venice" the atmosphere of the dawn light is recreated throughout the room, with the fluid, magical effect of light on water.

Project development

The scale of the project - an important circular decorative feature with a diameter of 120 cm - required a robust structure; hence the decision to use gold-plated steel.

In order to add the micro diamond surfaces to fill the extremely shallow spaces without encumbering the work, we created micro diamond surfaces on fabric-backed sheets with a thickness of 1mm.

We chose soft, flowing shapes to convey the stylised feeling of dawn light. Meanwhile the framework itself is finished in shiny gold, creating harmony and contrast between the micro diamond and the steel. The curved rays interrupt the micro diamond while simultaneously highlighting it, creating large spaces in which the Infinity Black micro diamond is displayed to wonderful effect.

Carats of natural diamond: 449,08 ct

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