DiamArt and its applications in small leather goods

In its ongoing quest for new applications for micro diamond surfaces, DiamArt, together with Arkimedia, a Padua company leader in the production of leather straps for luxury watchmaking and small leather goods, has designed and created a number of small leather items to offer to brands and fashion houses. Diamond-leather bracelets, diamond-leather key rings and diamond-leather card holders are just some of the ideas created and expressed in the form of exquisite small objects made with Italian craftsmanship.


“We've developed new solutions for the fashion world, and this time our focus is the application of DiamArt to small leather goods”, explains Elisa Ferrari, Sales & Marketing Director and co-founder of DiamArt. “A truly extraordinary result that arises from our synergy with Arkimedia; a shared path that has pushed us to overcome the difficulties of following the natural contours of leather goods: softness, flexibility and curve".

To create these accessories, the two companies used beautiful DiamArt micro diamond fabric and leather, specifically fine crocodile leather, in a perfect balance of craftsmanship and technology that showcases Made in Italy production. Two materials that are expressions and products of nature - diamonds and leather - come together in a new universe of creations. DiamArt micro diamond surfaces are placed delicately and elegantly on the leather, which behaves like a fabric, to envelop and enhance accessories from the world of fashion.


The entire manufacturing process has been meticulously studied and tested, from sewing, cutting and assembling the leather to edging. DiamArt micro diamond surfaces performed excellently at every stage, making them easy to use by all operators in the small leather goods sector, with commonly-used and modern sewing techniques.

“We're constantly exploring new solutions to offer our customers an increasingly wide and varied use of DiamArt" Elisa Ferrari continues. "From its use in jewellery and watchmaking, thanks to production processes designed specifically to have tolerances and thicknesses in line with the standards of these sectors, right up to the latest elastic and sewable DiamArt fabrics, for applications in leather goods and clothing."

DiamArt constantly pursues innovation, exploring increasingly cutting-edge solutions from both the technological and aesthetic angles, to offer its customers a wide-ranging spectrum of uses for micro diamond surfaces. Including, for the first time, the world of small leather goods.


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