• Micro Diamond Surfaces for decorations, inserts and inlays.

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Micro Diamonds for your Creations

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Here are some of the applications of the inserts made of Micro Diamonds.

From fashion accessories to jewelery, from furniture to design. Creativity is the only limit.

Do you want to start a project with Micro Diamonds?

DiamArt works with brands and designers to execute their creations.

We can supply samples and bespoke micro diamond surfaces, from one-off pieces and limited editions to larger-scale production.

Share your idea with us, and our team will get back to you with the best solution.

Project with Diamart

DiamArt: for over 40 years, Passion for the Diamond

In 1973 the founder, Isidoro Ferrari, studied new applications of micro diamonds and perfected innovative techniques for their use.

Thus was born a real library that today has thousands of formulations.

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