An unmistakable way of embellishing to create fabulous products for the world of watch-making.

Micro diamond surfaces are a unique opportunity to combine creative design with a material of enormous real and perceived value.

Now you can use the world's most precious stone, with its unprecedented aesthetic potential, to create details that make the difference.

Dials and bezels

Just imagine a dial or bezel completely covered in micro diamonds: with DiamArt you can transform the most iconic parts of your watches with an expanse of precious stones, unprecedented in watch-making.

Click here to discover the innovative Numerical control mechanical processing to make these dials in micro diamonds with centesimal precisions.


Want to embellish and decorate the details of your watches? DiamArt's flexibility brings sparkle and uniqueness to straps made in:

  • Rubber: thanks to a collaboration with Mestel RSS Srl, a leading manufacturer of rubber straps for top brands, rubber and micro diamonds can be co-moulded.
  • Leather: DiamArt can be sewn or heat-welded onto leather straps, making them even more refined and exclusive.
  • Metal: DiamArt can be used as an insert in metal straps, adding uniqueness and sparkle.


Cases e Boxes

The luxury experience goes beyond the watch itself, which is presented in high-end packaging to give the end customer an all-round perception of quality.

With DiamArt you can use micro diamonds to embellish the case your watch comes in, giving even more value to customers and considerably raising your positioning.



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