New opening of the exclusive DiamArt Boutique in Dubai

DiamArt arrives on the MENA market with a boutique dedicated exclusively to its products. A project made possible by a partnership with Sam&Bros Co, specialists in the luxury sector in the Middle East, North Africa, the United Arab Emirates and neighbouring member countries of the GCC.

International vocation

"DiamArt was founded as an international brand, to bring its unique qualities to the world", says Elisa Ferrari, Sales and Marketing Director and co-founder of the brand; "This vocation is written into its founding principles. Today we're looking at the successful completion of a journey to maturity which brings us to one of the main world markets in the luxury sector. We're occupying a central position in terms of both geography and commercial positioning; our products are unique and inimitable."

Fakhri Tarabein, founder and CEO of Sam&Bros Co, explains: “Today, we are manifesting the dreams that we dared yesterday. This boutique will act as a permanent showcase for anyone interested in luxury. The various projects created with DiamArt micro diamond surfaces will be available to view at any time. We're here to present previews of DiamArt products and to have a constantly updated vision of the direction of movement of this brand, which we love dearly and firmly believe in.

DiamArt and Sam&Bros Co come to the MENA markets backed by enormous expertise in the luxury sector and in-depth knowledge of the precious stones market, and with a completely new product: DiamArt micro diamond surfaces.

Partnership and reliability

The Sam&Bros Co and DiamArt Boutique is located in one of Dubai's most prestigious districts in the heart of the city, with views of and access to Sheikh Zayed Road, near the Ferrari, Maserati and Bugatti showrooms for the United Arab Emirates.

Furthermore, Sam&Bros enjoys a highly respected status; it is certified by the Dubai Chamber and recently listed among companies admitted to the Dubai Chamber's Global Trusted E-network. It is an honour for businesses to be part of this network. The Global Trusted E-network is an exclusive platform for companies that are certified as professional and reliable.

In order to be certified and accepted as a trusted partner and service provider and join this network, Sam&Bros underwent several inspections to check its credit rating and its relations with the central bank. Further proof of the levels of excellence and professionalism DiamArt offers its customers.

The DiamArt world and its exclusivity

DiamArt is the world's first and only producer of surfaces in natural and man-made micro diamond. This revolutionary technology is protected by patents which are filed in Italy and extended worldwide and the carat weight of diamonds on the DiamArt surface is guaranteed by a calculation method approved by the Italian Gemmological Institute (IGI), a reliable and acknowledged body at national and international level in the field of gemmological certification, which allows us to be on the list of attention of the top designers and international fashion brands as well as protocols dept., public, private sector bodies and prestigious companies in the world.

DiamArt is the new frontier of diamonds, a new philosophy. An unprecedented and revolutionary product, different from anything on the market today. DiamArt is the evolution of the micro diamond. A new way of seeing the sector and the application of precious stones.

DiamArt sees and applies diamonds where no-one has seen them or even dared to imagine them before.

DiamArt micro diamond surfaces are entirely made in Italy, from concept to design and execution; they are an expression of our country's creativity, artisan skill and technical expertise.

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