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DiamArt’s latest innovation was conceived for the luxury watch and jewellery sector. Diamonds, always protagonists, form fine decorations combined with traditional materials as well as materials never used before in these sectors: ceramic, titanium, Carrara marble, and Murano glass.

The technique used is exclusive to DiamArt. The application of the micro diamonds and the other materials follows the strict internal rules that the company already applies to the surfaces made of micro diamonds. Main characteristics: single-layer, each individual component is inserted in its own nook, and highly customizable. Inserts and cuts are extremely precise, the accuracy of the decorative details is of the highest level, thanks to the combination of manual skill and industrial production. Suitable to produce up to a few thousand pieces.


Often, the materials selected to create these surfaces – including the diamonds – come from a circular economy, meaning that they derive from other production processes and are therefore sustainable.

The micro mosaics are an absolute novelty. There is nothing like them. DiamArt keeps aiming for increasingly more exclusive, unique, innovative, and customizable results. Every piece is unique and has an absolute value making the object in which it is included characteristic and personal.

DiamArt collaborates with brands and companies taking care of the raw material procurement necessary to make prototypes and samples, elaborating increasingly more effective solutions from both a technical and aesthetic point of view, achieving the perfect combination of beauty and functionality.


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