Essence Collection

Natural Diamond Carats:
Essence Classic: 0,12 ct/cm2 (Visualizza Report IGI)

Essence Superior: 0,24 ct/cm2 (Visualizza Report IGI)

The essence of nature's beauty, a firmament of diamonds that reflect the glow of an array of lights and feelings. Essence encapsulates and expresses this treasure trove.

Essence expresses all the elegance of natural diamond. Made solely from natural diamonds forged with rigour and magnificence by mother nature over millennia.

Essence is the only surface made from natural micro diamonds; it can add allure and sophistication to everything it touches, delighting every gaze it inevitably attracts. Allure and sophistication that only diamonds can provide.

The perfect choice for anyone who loves utterly natural diamonds and a brilliant, natural effect. A technology that allows diamonds to be stroked, combining delicacy and sensual tactility.

Base colours range from classic DiamArt Pure White and Pure Black to four other shades, which are enhanced by the transparency and light refraction that only diamonds can produce.

Colours can also be customised on the client's request.

Watch the video of the Colltection with the Details of Micro Diamonds

Essence Pure White

    Essence Pure Black

      Essence Pure White S

        Essence Pure Black S

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