Fashion & Accessories


DiamArt is the ideal, exclusive partner for major fashion brands seeking to offer exquisite and unique decorative elements which give their collections character, brilliance and magnificence unparalleled in the fashion world.

Technical expertise and prompt service allow DiamArt to be at your side through every stage of production, from prototyping to the production and application of micro diamond surfaces. DiamArt micro diamond surfaces add value to the objects they are applied to, making them precious and unique.

There are no limits to DiamArt's creativity and potential applications in the fashion world. It can be used as an exquisite decoration for:

  • bags
  • footwear
  • belts
  • buckles
  • inserts
  • cuffs
  • leather items
  • lace
  • patches

adapting to anything your imagination can come up with. From flat to curved surfaces, rigid to flexible, the result will highlight the elegance and style of your high-class collections.

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