Laboratory Test

DiamArt Laboratory Test

DiamArt has made research and development its hallmarks, enabling the company to offer its partners and customers increasingly sophisticated and high-performance aesthetic, technological and application solutions. In this context, the tests were carried out at the accredited Luxury Brand Services Laboratory in Florence, a centre specialising in quality control for products in the fashion industry, including leather goods, footwear and luxury watches.

The aim of the tests was to evaluate the performance of the Micro Diamond Surfaces in terms of the physical-mechanical behaviour, in order to meet the very high standards exacted by the big luxury brands.

DiamArt has undertaken this path of its own volition in order to make more of a name for itself in the segment of excellence. All laboratory tests conducted and passed were calibrated to the scores required by the most exclusive fashion and jewellery houses.


The tests performed were as follows:

  • Resistance to cosmetics – NIHS 96-50:2017, paragraph 6.9;
  • Resistance to sunlight (Xenon Test) – NIHS 96-50:2017, paragraph 6.3;
  • Resistance to artificial perspiration – NIHS 96-50:2017, paragraph 6.2;
  • Resistance to humid heat (Tropical Climate Test) – NIHS 96-50:2017, paragraph 6.7;
  • Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres – Neutral Salt Spray (NSS) Test 96 hours – UNI EN ISO 9227:2017;
  • Paint adhesion test – adhesion assessment by squaring – UNI EN ISO 2409:2020, excluding paragraphs 6 and 7.



DiamArt products passed all tests with flying colours, achieving the highest scores. As further demonstration of the quality of the DiamArt offering – not only from an aesthetic and iconic point of view but also from a scientific and technological perspective – that guarantees the exceptional technical parameters of Micro Diamond Surfaces.

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