Micro Diamond Inserts of CR7 Logo for Nike Boots

Micro Diamond Inserts of CR7 Logo for Nike Boots


2015 was a momentous year for DiamArt, bringing high-level recognition from the market: we were chosen by Nike, who commissioned the letters CR7 in micro diamond to be added to the boots made for Cristiano Ronaldo for the FIFA 2014 Ballon d'Or awards ceremony held in Zurich on 12 January 2015, in which the Portuguese champion was presented with the football world's top prize.


Until then, DiamArt technology had been applied solely to rigid materials. The challenge of planning and executing such an ambitious and exclusive project led us to expand our product range and develop new applications for our micro diamond surfaces. A challenge undertaken and successfully completed, which gave our brand international calibre by linking the DiamArt name to a prestigious award.

Project development

The technical performance demanded by the Nike project required a material that was robust yet flexible. We began trialling new materials as a base for our micro diamond surface, seeking to meet the need for plasticity, as the characters CR7 were to be applied to a football boot and moulded to its shape; and resistance, since the boots were to be worn and used in real football matches. This led to the development of the first semi-rigid micro diamond surface, based on carbon fibre with a thickness of 1 mm. The micro diamond chosen for the characters CR7 was Stellar White from the Caracto collection. The goal was achieved and the client was wholly satisfied with the end result.

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