DiamArt Micro Diamond

DiamArt micro diamond is a brand new product in the field of what is commonly known as diamond powder. This is an evolution, an original item which is completely new and unlike anything currently on the market


Let's look at why this is:

today, thanks to DiamArt's innovative technology, micro diamonds smaller than 0.8 mm in diameter can be placed individually. This method was impossible for micro diamonds prior to our invention, which is exclusive to our firm;

the exclusive feature of DiamArt lies in the positioning of micro stones side by side without overlapping, in a precise and even manner. A patented technological process and an artisan skill which results in a single layer of precious micro stones. This allows us to accurately calculate and forecast the carat weight of micro diamonds on every square centimetre of the surface;

a completely new process which gives our surfaces a velvety effect, guaranteed by a technology that allows the smoothest side of the micro stones to be placed on the surface; it is also possible to add colour by means of a innovative process that is exclusive to DiamArt and does not impact the purity of the stones.

In its nine collections, DiamArt uses both natural and created diamonds: Essence, Luxant, Golden, Klarit and Brilliance Collections use only natural micro diamonds, Riflessa e Aurea Collections only created micro diamonds, while Caracto and Dorata Collections use a different composition of natural and created micro diamond.

Conscious of the various concerns regarding the origin of diamonds and owning one of the most innovative recent technologies for the processing of micro precious stones, or diamond powder, we made the decision to offer solutions that showcase the specific characteristics of both types, giving our customers the freedom to choose according to their values and aesthetic tastes.  


Origins of DiamArt natural micro diamond

DiamArt natural micro diamond comes from mines, like all other larger stones for use in jewellery. Traditionally these micro diamonds couldn’t be used because there was no way of setting them; the revolution initiated by DiamArt's innovative technology means this can now be done, elevating micro diamonds to the level of larger stones. Giving them the role they deserve.

Another source of micro diamond is the processing of larger stones in the jewellery sector. When stones are cut, tiny splinters are created; these can be recovered and selected to become the perfect material for our products. Natural diamond, either directly from mines or as a by-product of the jewellery trade, is carefully sorted according to its characteristics and the required particle size. This type of diamond has a more natural shine due to its purity and transparency, and DiamArt's technology means the colours used in the base are further accentuated and enhanced.


DiamArt code of conduct

DiamArt has established a code of conduct for the selection of suppliers: they must guarantee that their diamonds are sourced from places which ensure respect of human rights, safe working practices, environmental protection and anti-corruption measures. These criteria must be adhered to even where national or international standards are lower.


Origins of DiamArt created micro diamond

These are perfectly octahedral micro diamonds, grown in a lab. Their perfect shape allows a bright, constant reflection of light. Created diamond is produced in a lab by a complex and highly controlled technological process which replicates the conditions of natural diamond production.


Why choose DiamArt micro diamond

Uniqueness, innovation, experience, craftsmanship, technology and Made in Italy creativeness. All this is DiamArt, the result of half a century of research into micro diamond which has given our group a vast knowledge of every aspect of this wonderful precious material. It began with Ferdiam, the first centre for research and development of new applications for micro diamond, and culminated in DiamArt, the natural evolution of this thrilling journey.

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