Micro Diamonds Mosaic Handles for Private Villa


Elegance and functionality; glamour and stylistic rigour. The design by architect Paolo Richelli combines many facets in a single creation. This is the setting for a sideboard and a bar unit which were commissioned for a private villa in Verona. Exclusivity and bespoke design, embellished by DiamArt's micro diamond surfaces. The furniture was supplied by the leading traditional Veneto producer Modenese Falegnameria, while the mosaic elements used on handles and hinges were designed by Effetto Mosaico, an artisan firm which specialises in this type of work.


The items of furniture are characterised by a minimalist design which contrasts with the pure geometric elements of alternating square and rectangle, an effect accentuated by the use of micro diamond, also commonly known as diamond powder. Micro diamond is presented here in the ancient and noble form of Venetian mosaic work. The collection aims to express the modern furnishing concept with a nod to the skilful tradition of mosaic.

Project development

This is an exclusive project which demanded specific technical solutions. DiamArt Stellar White micro diamond from the Caracto collection features in square and rectangular tiles on the brass hinges and handles. The base used for the mosaic is glass with a thickness of 4 mm, in line with the traditional mosaic process. The tiles are laid by hand; the alternation and placement of each individual tile enhances the natural brilliance of micro diamond and brings a feeling of movement to the whole. Sensibility and artisan skill, along with modern design, make these items both sophisticated and contemporary, while accentuating their elegance.

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