Project With Us

DiamArt is constantly evolving, a continuous ferment of ideas and possibilities. This approach has led to a new way of relating with our interlocutors, which we've called Project with Us.

Project with Us means coming together to create a product that previously didn't exist, and which will be embellished by the value and attractiveness of diamonds. We work by offering advice on the choice of material, the type of process and the method of applying the micro diamond surface, guaranteeing a high-quality result that is not replicable by others.

Our philosophy guides us to accept the challenges presented by the market. On many occasions our interlocutors have made specific requests in terms of format, size, colour and quantity. We've always risen to the challenge, willingly raising the bar of difficulty, inventing new solutions and fine-tuning new methods of application, made to measure for our customers. And all in accordance with the combination of craftsmanship and technology that forms the heart and soul of DiamArt.  

Thanks to its uniqueness and versatility, DiamArt micro diamond lends itself to bespoke components for designer objects, fashion accessories or furnishings. Products in which attention to detail, material and style are crucially important.


This leads us to collaborate directly with designers, architects and selected Italian firms specialising in the production of items which will feature DiamArt.

Our partnerships include major brands in the luxury sector, such as furniture manufacturers, marble suppliers, steel producers and expert artisans working with metal, wood, leather and mosaic. Design, fashion and the automotive sector.

The common denominators in our network of partners are curiosity and a quest for new solutions, as well as passion for the work, attention to detail, creativity and flexibility. All these are characteristics that give rise to ideas and then to the creation of an original and unique product, entirely made in Italy.

Close collaboration with other excellent Italian producers is an additional value for us.


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