DiamArt and JAUPIN: the new design of eyewear jewellery

JAUPIN Eyewear, the Parisian brand of bespoke eyewear jewellery, chooses DiamArt to launch its new prêt-à-porter design for 2023. Exclusivity, refinement, and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of Spinelle, the collection born from the collaboration between DiamArt and the Maître Artisan Jerome Aupin

Video: how micro diamonds have transformed eyewear into a jewel

DiamArt continues its journey beyond its geographical and market boundaries but always in the name of exclusivity, craftsmanship, luxury and refinement. The result is Spinelle, a collection of eyewear created by the Maître Artisan Jerome Aupin, heart and soul of the Parisian brand JAUPIN Eyewear entirely devoted to the creation of exclusive collections of bespoke handcrafted eyewear. Limited editions for the world of luxury. Stated aim: to conquer the Dubai market. 

These are 500 unique pieces of eyewear embellished with micro diamonds and 24 kt gold by DiamArt. Every eyewear has an IGI (Italian Gemological Institute) approved diamond carat density, which enhances its richness and preciousness. A sinuous and enveloping silhouette, sophisticated geometric shapes, valuable materials, the new design by JAUPIN Eyewear is a combination of preciousness and brilliance. A perfect synthesis of the philosophy behind DiamArt, Spinelle introduces micro diamonds for the first time on the frame of a pair of glasses, creating an exclusive and revolutionary product.


The concept trailer

"Our collaboration stems from the affinity – explains Elisa Ferrari, Sales & Marketing Director and co-founder of DiamArt - between the DiamArt world and that of JAUPIN. Two complementary and convergent visions, capable of combining industrial production precision and artisanal value, exclusivity and refinement, elegance and preciousness. A synergy that has also proved to be successful from a commercial perspective. Spinelle's target is actually the Dubai market, which for us and our Middle East Area Official Partner, Sam&Bros, is a point of reference like the entire Mena Market. Spinelle will be a new ambassador for what I love to call The New Diamond Philosophy.”

Jerome Aupin, creator of the Spinelle design, is also on the same wavelength, explaining:-"My style is decidedly personal and fits in to what I saw as a gap in the  bespoke eyewear market. Working with special materials, such as buffalo horn, acetate, metal and many others, combining them using skilful craft tradition, thus makes my creations genuine sculptures that showcase a beautiful, clean and  recognisable style. I work with unusual materials, fabric inlays, hand-worked leather,

creating an unexpected and beautiful harmony within each creation. When I met  DiamArt – he continues - it was like meeting what I had always been looking for:  luxury, exclusivity, character, uniqueness, all enclosed in tiny precious stones. This encounter led to my new prêt-à-porter design for 2023. I'm proud of Spinelle. It took me a year from the creative process to production to reach this goal. This design is innovative but also timeless. I played with traditional codes to present JAUPIN's vision of eyewear and transfer it to the wearer. A limited edition of only 500 pieces, with the numbers all engraved, each pair of glasses has its own character, its own expression just like every face.”


Thanks to its unique characteristics, DiamArt is able to embellish objects that already have a high intrinsic value, increasing their exclusivity and uniqueness. The technology developed by the research and development department allows the micro stones to be applied in areas where it has never been possible to imagine them. The Spinelle sunglasses are thus enriched with very high value inserts on the glasses' temples, in an artistic symbiosis, where materials, technology, craftsmanship and exclusivity are in perfect harmony.

Discover more: https://www.jaupin.com/spinelle


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