How Micro Diamonds are opening up new creative possibilities in fine watch-making

DiamArt has developed a new production process that allows exquisite micro diamond designs or patterns to be created on the dials of luxury watches. A new technique which can also be used in fine jewellery.


DiamArt is constantly seeking new aesthetic and technical solutions to offer the luxury goods sector. And this focus on research and development gave rise to the idea - and then the execution - of a new production process for luxury watchmaking.

This stylistic innovation allows micro diamond designs or patterns to be applied to watch dials. From intriguing symbols and motifs to highly complex patterns, the design is created from a constellation of micro diamonds, aligned and set manually. Artisan skill combined with technical expertise is the very life blood of DiamArt, enabling the creation of designs with exceptional precision and accuracy.

The technique is unparalleled in the world of fine jewellery, which has a tradition of sensitivity to new technologies and is always interested in new aesthetic features. This is a solution for the most valuable collections, limited editions or commemorative events; however, the DiamArt technology can be scalable and used in larger production runs. Adaptable for any type of watch dial, the technique can also be used in various ways in fine jewellery.


"This is a new expression of the essence of DiamArt", explains Elisa Ferrari, co-founder and Sales & Marketing Director of DiamArt, "which combines artisan knowhow and technological expertise to achieve an unprecedented process that allows us to meet the extremely high aesthetic standards of the luxury watch and jewellery sector and create decorations never seen before. We spent six months working on it. The micro diamonds", Elisa Ferrari continues, "are aligned and applied individually, thanks to the perfect combination of the superb skill of our experts and the exclusive advanced technology we use. These factors have allowed us to industrialise a production process in which artistic ability and artisan sensibility play a key role, guaranteeing our customers uniformity and quality in every individual dial we produce.

“Another essential characteristic is the exceptional level of customisation we offer, with decorative motifs designed to the customer's specifications. The result is revolutionary: a watch dial decorated using the most precious stone of all, an item that can evoke exclusivity, personality, value and uniqueness. DiamArt is one of a kind, and makes every decorated item unique too. We add value to the world of luxury watches, and this is perfectly in line with the mission that drives us: an unstoppable focus on innovation, exquisiteness, research and development, quality, value, uniqueness, sustainability, technology and craftsmanship. In a word, DiamArt".

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