DiamArt rewards Luxury Design

The contest organised in collaboration with Desall has drawn to an end and has seen the DiamArt Luxury Design Award attributed to Anca Rotaru for her creation, Arabic Cupboard. It was a success both in terms of levels of participation and results, with an explosion of creativity and beauty in the many projects that were presented.

The Design Contest

DiamArt has always believed in collaboration and finding inspiration in many sources in order to reach new summits. The recent contest dedicated to luxury design is no exception to this approach. Organised in collaboration with Desall, it has seen a creation by Anca Rotaru, Arabic Cupboard, conquer the jury to win the overall award. Her piece, a mobile bar with pure lines of Arabic inspiration, is an expression of elegant luxury that echoes atmospheres that are typical of the Arabic world and that can highlight the potential of DiamArt. .

The winner

Arabic Cupboard (UK) – DiamArt Luxury Design Award

Arabic Cupboard won for the following reasons:

The originality of its form. Its elegance. The balance of its components. The creation features a round central body in a piece of furniture that is traditionally square. The whole is reminiscent of a ring, with a diamond solitaire, transforming the piece of furniture into a precious jewel. The fine legs bring lightness to the structure and the piece seems to float. It is a creation that fully showcases the decorative possibilities of DiamArt surfaces in micro diamonds, even on larger items. The originality of the asymmetric doors perfectly highlights the surfaces in DiamArt micro diamonds, showcasing both the precious stones, which bring breadth and harmony to the forms thanks to the Arabic-style motif, and the colours that were used in various hues created by DiamArt.

Special Mentions

The aim of the DiamArt Design Awards is to find new products and collections designed for the luxury market, and its success has exceeded expectations. There were many inspiring projects, and for this reason, DiamArt has chosen to reward several deserving projects which encapsulate the spirit of DiamArt. The works that have been selected are a tribute to DiamArt creativity and dynamism! Let’s look at them in greater detail:

Monaco Poker Set (Italy) - Special mention DiamArt Community

A few rare places are instantly equated with luxury and allure. One of these is the poker table. Combining the character and the elegance of a true gentleman, the Monaco collection is a poker set decorated with diamonds, created for DiamArt. The concept of luxury shines on each of the 200 chips.

Wearing Luxury (Italy) - Special mention Desall Community

Glasses, from useful tools to status symbols, and objects of desire and luxury. And what better than DiamArt to add a touch of class and elegance and real diamonds?

Wonderwall (Italy) - Special mention Decoration

The concept of a wallpaper collection designed as a “surface of wonders” that can be personalised and amaze the viewer, taking the notion of wallpaper to levels that have never been previously imagined. A starry sky wherever you wish. All thanks to DiamArt.

Porcelain Gift and Decorative (Portugal) - Special mention Furniture Item

An artistic creation that elevates fine china, combining it with diamonds, in a piece of rare beauty and luxury. An exceptional and exquisitely balanced decoration. Many colours are available, all waiting to be discovered.

Nova (Italy) - Special mention Fashion Accessories

The established brands are focussing on experimentation and stylistic avant-garde, and DiamArt is the ideal partner for this process. Nova enables a luxury product to combine tradition and innovation, taking it beyond the limits of the imagination thanks to DiamArt. In this context, Nova presents itself as an outsider, proposing a creative alternative to fashion accessories, enhancing the many qualities that the DiamArt micro diamond technology can offer.

Stardust (Indonesia) - Special mention Lightining "Stardust"

A silver or stainless steel and “DiamArt Infinity Black” micro diamond lamp. The curve of the sculpture recalls the movement of stardust gracefully flowing in space while the surfaces in DiamArt micro diamonds resemble star particles. Its curves make the lamp unique from all angles, the light in the centre showcases the diamonds and the shiny silver reflects their light.

Ascension ring (Italy) - Special mention Jewellary

A ring: the perfect item to showcase the precious nature of DiamArt material. The ring is a piece with timeless design, a jewel to wear for all occasions, playing with the many possibilities to personalise it with its soft contours and the combination of colours chosen from the collection.

DiamArt luxury watch (Greece) - Special mention Watches

The DiamArt watch is the product of a unique design, created exclusively for this piece, to showcase the diamonds that make it unique. The passing of time, the instrument to measure it and the eternal beauty of watches combined in a single beautiful piece.

Diamond cut - Chess Set (Indonesia) -Special mention Objects
Chess! The victory of the mind over brute strength, the transposition of fierce battle into a fine game of strategy. Each piece is inspired by a minimalist cut. Made of black or white polished chrome with black or white DiamArt micro diamonds. A splendidly revisited great classic. The board is made of grey and white marble, with polished brass to highlight certain areas.

DiamArt and design

The works mentioned above, but also in general all the projects that were submitted, have managed to capture some of the fundamental qualities of surfaces in DiamArt micro diamonds, from their glamour to their technical characteristics: preciousness, brilliance, exclusivity, strength, resistance and durability.

DiamArt micro diamond surfaces are unique in the world, and launching a contest in the world of design was a challenge within a challenge. A demonstration of the awareness of the infinite possible applications. The response has exceeded expectations: the variety of solutions, materials and ideas presented by the designers is astonishing.

DiamArt has in its DNA the vocation to work in synergy with designers from all over the world for two reasons: on the one hand to promote its activity and help it grow, and on the other to open itself to unexplored paths and new possibilities. The aim of the initiative was precisely to seek out ideas, new products, alternative collections, all designed for the luxury market.

In this sense, the contest exceeded expectations: a very large number ideas of extremely high creative and aesthetic value were received through the works of the participating designers, so much so that the number of awards was increased, in recognition of categories that are particularly significant to us.


DiamArt constantly aims to surpass limits, to set challenges that push participants to excel. It is from this tension between creativity and innovation that stems its collaboration with Desall, the open innovation and crowdsourcing platform which uses design competitions to connect business entities and private clients with an international community of creative talents.

A smart and topical way to overcome any barriers that exist today, be they geographical or health related.

340 projects were submitted from 198 designers from 38 different countries around the world. A confirmation of how lively and vibrant this sector is. Innumerable ideas and an explosion of creativity that have once again confirmed the infinite possibilities and applications of DiamArt micro diamond surfaces.

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