Elisa Ferrari tells us about the innovation brought by micro diamond surfaces and their application in the fashion sector.

Elisa Ferrari, co-founder, Sales and Marketing director of DiamArt with special responsibility for the fashion sector, tells us about objectives, challenges and an adventure that's just begun but represents an evolution in the concept of micro diamonds.

What is DiamArt?

DiamArt is a brand whose values are tradition, innovation, craftsmanship, Made in Italy expertise and advanced technology. This is an evolution, an original product which is completely new and unlike anything currently on the market. DiamArt is the evolution of the micro diamond. A new concept for the sector and for applications of precious stones, which can now shine out where they never could before. A new frontier for diamonds, both natural and man-made. Constant research, experimentation, creativity, manual skills and craftsmanship join forces with industrial processes and cutting-edge technology.

What's special about your brand?

DiamArt sees and applies diamonds where no-one has seen them or even dared to imagine them before, moving beyond the idea of a single stone. Our philosophy is based on our determination to make the ordinary extraordinary. Uniqueness, patented technology, inimitable results. This is DiamArt, a new diamond philosophy.

How do you differ from other products in the sector?

Thanks to our innovative patented technology, DiamArt can produce surfaces using micro diamonds smaller than 0.8 mm in diameter, which can be mounted individually. We are the only company in the world to make this kind of surface. What makes it special is our ability to position the micro diamonds side by side without overlapping, in a way that is precise and homogeneous.

How did you achieve this result?

It is all thanks to a patented technological process and artisan skill which results in a single layer of precious micro stones. This allows us to accurately calculate and forecast the carat weight of micro diamonds on every square centimeter of the surface; a new process which gives our surfaces a velvety feel, guaranteed by a technology that places the smoothest side of the micro stones facing upwards. The colors of our surfaces are also exclusive to DiamArt and are made possible by an innovative process which does not affect the purity of the stones.

Natural or cultivated diamonds?

In its two collections, DiamArt uses both natural and man-made diamonds. This is due to our awareness of the sensibilities surrounding the provenance of diamonds. As the custodian of this exclusive and innovative technology for diamond processing, DiamArt offers solutions which bring out the specific characteristics of each type of stone. This leaves customers free to choose according to their personal ethics and aesthetics.

Talking of provenance, where do your diamonds come from?

We have several suppliers. Here at DiamArt, it is essential to ensure that the code of conduct we drafted to select our suppliers is always respected. Our priority is to guarantee human rights, safety in the workplace, environmental protection, and anti-corruption laws. Always and in every setting, be it national or international.

Do you hold certifications?

The Italian Gemmological Institute has examined our processes and our product and has confirmed that our method for calculating the density of the natural diamond present on DiamArt surfaces meets the rigorous standards tested in its laboratory. I would go even further: DiamArt has changed the way we look at micro diamonds.
The collaboration with a well-respected body, renowned in Italy and worldwide, has allowed us to certify the result of the technological process that allows micro diamonds to be set on different substrates, creating surfaces with high technical performance and incomparable aesthetic effect. This is how our close collaboration with IGI, the Italian Gemological Institute, was born. We have created a new path together.

And where has this path led you?

DiamArt is able to issue a certificate stating the carat weight of every item produced, and to request a specific analysis from the IGI where requested by the customer.

You are also in charge of the fashion division. What do you offer the sector?

Fashion is a passion of mine that has become a part of my work. DiamArt works with major fashion brands who seek unique and beautiful decorative products to offer their customers. Our products give collections character, sparkle and an allure which is unparalleled on the current fashion scene. We are talking about adding real certified diamonds to high fashion garments.

What do top fashion brands get from you?

Beautiful results, technical expertise and prompt service allow us to be at the client's side through every stage of production, from prototyping to the production and application of micro diamond surfaces. In terms of creativity, there are no limits to the potential applications for micro diamond surfaces, especially - but not exclusively - in the world of fashion. They can be used in exquisite decorations for bags, footwear, belts, costume jewelry, buckles, inserts, cuffs, buttons, fabrics, lace, patches and jewelry, adapting to anything your imagination can come up with. From flat to curved surfaces, rigid to flexible, the result will underline the elegance and style of any high-class collection.

Aims for the future?

My aims, our aims as DiamArt are ambitious.

We want to grow, consolidate, create employment. My vision for the future is a company and a product that is recognized in the luxury world as an unparalleled opportunity to add value and sophistication to collections. We want to get into every sector: fashion, design, automotive, yachts. Many roads are open to DiamArt, and we want to travel them all.

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