The Diamond made flexible: the new micro-diamond and leather bracelets, a novelty in the world of luxury

Leather bracelets covered all over with micro diamonds for the fashion and jewellery industries are a new product introduced to the market by DiamArt in collaboration with Arkimedia, a renowned firm from Padua that produces straps for luxury watchmaking.


The cutting-edge technology of DiamArt merges with the expertise of Arkimedia, a Padua-based company with a long history in the leather products industry. The end result is a one-of-a-kind and unmistakable product—a leather bracelet entirely covered with micro-diamonds—a celebration of the genius, style, and design of Made in Italy.

Originally designed for the masculine market, it can be found in any shape or colour, ready to appeal to both masculine and feminine tastes. Another component of the DiamArt creations mosaic.

"We are overjoyed and satisfied with this new adventure started in collaboration with Arkimedia," says Elisa Ferrari, Sales & Marketing Director and co-founder of DiamArt, "a company with which we immediately hit it off. We have similar expectations, commitments, and values. We were able to produce a product that perfectly combines the tradition and craftsmanship of Italian tanning with the luxury and value of DiamArt micro-diamond surfaces thanks to the productive synergy we developed with Dario Milani, sales manager of Arkimedia, and his brothers. A winning combination."

The leather bracelets covered all over with micro diamonds boast all of DiamArt's distinctive features: exclusivity, preciousness, customisation, colouring, diamond size, length and width of the strap as required. All this on a leather bracelet with excellent workmanship. A high-profile, entirely Made in Italy product, dedicated to the luxury market and intended for medium-high production runs.

"We liked the project right from the beginning, we were enthusiastic," explains Dario Milani, Arkimedia's sales manager. "The meeting with Elisa Ferrari and DiamArt was one of those destined to revolutionise the concept of the leather bracelet. Through the years, Arkimedia has distinguished itself for the production of leather watch straps for luxury timepieces. The world of fashion and jewellery is a new market for us, and we hope to break into it with this unique and valuable product in partnership with DiamArt. "Beyond Leather" is our pay-off, and this project is the confirmation of that. We sought to combine these two materials so rich in meaning, history and contrasts to create a bracelet that radiates unique magic. The project with DiamArt does not end here, we are in fact working together on how to transfer the knowledge gained from the study of this bracelet to the watchmaking industry by designing and proposing leather-diamond straps for luxury timepieces. That will definitely be the next step."

DiamArt and Arkimedia not only share projects but also values, such as ethics, ecology, circular economy, respect for the environment and optimisation of resources. Attention to detail, craftsmanship and industrial precision. Elegance, innovation, a desire to amaze. The first leather bracelet covered all over with diamonds, destined to captivate a large audience of admirers of luxury and elegance, was created out of this kaleidoscope of shared values. 


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