The most incredible materials become surfaces

DiamArt has conceived new combinations of materials to make luxury watches and jewellery by combining diamonds and new and traditional materials with the use of an innovative technology. Key word: amaze while keeping focus firmly on diamonds!

Research and experimentation are part of DiamArt’s DNA, and it’s how many projects and innovations come to life. DiamArt’s latest proposal, dedicated to luxury jewellery and watch making is the result of this process. Diamonds, always the protagonists, are used in combination with traditional materials such as ceramic, and new materials such as titanium or Murano glass. But what makes these combinations unique is the technique used to bring the materials together.

Imagine drawing shapes with diamonds, imagine the dial of a watch with a sparkling decoration formed using micro diamonds set one by one. Like in a painting, imagine the background surface made of ceramic particles, also purposely set one by one. The result is amazing. Imagine the same again, but replace the ceramic with micro particles of titanium, Carrara marble, or Murano glass. The miracle is complete. Picture the same thing applied to jewellery. Mathematicians would say that changing the order of the factors doesn’t change the product.

Actually, calculations played a significant part in achieving these results, but beauty can’t rely only on numbers, and in this case it could count on the skilful hands of DiamArt technicians. Fine compositions achieved through great craftsmanship and industrial precision, capable of incorporating the most precious of stones with the most iconic Italian artisanal product: Murano glass.


Often, many of the materials selected to create these surfaces – including the diamonds – come from a circular economy, meaning that they derive from other production processes and are therefore sustainable.

“Our objective – says Elisa Ferrari, Sales & Marketing Director and co-founder of DiamArt – was to create artistic pieces with the technical characteristics of industrial products: reproducibility, uniformity, and resistance. We achieved it. DiamArt new patented technology is already in production and allows us to create increasingly more innovative, sophisticated, precious, and beautiful patterns for both watches and jewellery. We have taken materials already in use in these sectors and we have revolutionised their concept, application method, and ultimately their aesthetic results. Diamonds are still the protagonists, but DiamArt goes beyond the known boundaries of decorative motifs, including by opening new possibilities in terms of the smaller or larger size of particles of materials that can be selected to become the base for diamonds.”

This type of application follows the strict rules that the company already implements with reference to the surfaces made of micro diamonds: they must be single-layer, each individual component is inserted in its own nook, highly customizable, and with extremely precise decorative details thanks to the combination of manual skill and industrial production. Conceived for special editions or unique collections that may include up to a few thousand pieces. DiamArt has already produced prototypes and samples and is ready for launch.

The micro mosaics are an absolute novelty. There is nothing like them. “DiamArt – Elisa Ferrari adds – keeps aiming for increasingly more exclusive, unique, innovative, and customizable results. Every piece is unique and has an absolute value making the object in which it is included characteristic and personal.”


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