All the colours of DiamArt

In this interview Elisa Ferrari, Sales & Marketing Director of DiamArt, presents the numerous colours and finishes of DiamArt micro diamond surfaces. DiamArt makes surfaces with the most precious stone of all - diamond, its multiple nuances allowing brands and designers to create unique products using this exquisite material.

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DiamArt's collections offer a wide range of chromatic and aesthetic possibilities. Can you explain how this is done?

DiamArt micro diamond surfaces are a product geared to the design and fashion sectors, the aim being to offer new and exquisite aesthetic solutions for creators of original items. The wide range of colours and finishes available is undoubtedly one of the characteristics that most attract and fascinate our interlocutors. It's also the aspect that requires the most explanation and clarification, because it's one of the things that make DiamArt micro diamond surfaces unique and exclusive. It offers unlimited creative potential, attracting the attention of designers working in fashion, jewellery, watchmaking, architecture, glasses, interior design and art.

How are you able to offer such a wide range of colours and finishes?

DiamArt aims to be a valuable new decorative solution for brands and designers, thanks to the revolutionary use of micro diamond in all its forms. To this end we have carried out extensive research into ways of presenting a wide range of colours and finishes, by using new techniques and technologies, some of which are patented. Our collections exploit the various properties of diamonds, both natural and lab-created, in unprecedented ways. Natural micro diamond has a unique, unrepeatable and unpredictable ability to reflect light; it's an extraordinarily transparent stone. In DiamArt surfaces, this transparency is enhanced by the ability to allow the colour of the base to shine through the diamond; since this colour can be customised, our surfaces can have unlimited colours and nuances. Lab-created diamond has an eight-sided geometric structure, so its effect can be calculated and replicated, as it reflects light more evenly. By alternating or combining the two types of diamonds, we can create unparalleled compositions in terms of variation and outcome.

Are there other reasons to choose either natural or lab-created diamonds for your collections?

Besides the possibility of enhancing the potential light reflection and colours, the decision to alternate or combine the two types of diamond is due to our awareness of the sensitivity of sourcing diamonds. There are still many customers who want natural diamond, but studies show that there's also a rapidly growing shift towards lab-created stones. As the owners of this innovative technology for the processing of micro diamonds and being the only company with the knowledge and capacity to apply it, we decided to give our customers complete freedom in choosing which type to use, according to their own aesthetic preferences and personal ethics. We seek to be impartial in our approach to the issue, due to the deep respect we have for every customer we meet.

One of the techniques you offer is gold coating, an exclusive DiamArt process; how does it work?

Our research is geared to finding exclusive solutions, and this is why we explored PVD gold coating. PVD coating is a well-known process in the metals world, but not so much in micro gems, especially when it comes to gold coating, an exclusive preserve of our company. Years of experience in micro diamonds, along with valuable longstanding partnerships, allowed us to obtain this result, a process which can be applied to lab-created diamonds, and will available soon also for natural diamonds. Diamond and gold: our goal was to bring together exquisiteness and value in a solution no one else can offer.

Apart from colours, what other options are available in DiamArt's collections?

Another factor that allows us to expand our product range is the size of the stones we use. We're still talking about micro diamonds, but we offer stones with a diameter of 0.15 millimetres for our Classic collections, and a diameter of 0.25 millimetres for our Superior collections, across our entire product range. In the case of the Classic collections, where the stones are smaller, we can achieve greater precision on edges and details. With the Superior collections, the stones are larger and more visible, giving a surface with more substance and texture.

DiamArt is always extremely active and proactive in terms of experimentation and innovation. Any upcoming new products?

One of the outstanding characteristics of DiamArt is definitely that it's constantly evolving, working to innovate, and this is no exception to the rule: we'll soon be presenting our new Classic and Superior 100% natural diamond collections, and we're looking at using micro diamonds with a diameter of 0.4 millimetres, which considerably alters the sensory perception of the surface, both visual and tactile. And, of course, the excitement of its remarkable aesthetic impact.

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