Federica Zanini, sales manager at DiamArt, tells us about the limitless possibilities for micro diamond in the world of interior design.

The essence of micro diamond surfaces?

The essence of DiamArt micro diamond surfaces lies in the perfect combination of Made in Italy expertise and innovation, and fine craftsmanship with ultra-sophisticated industrial technology which is unique in the world. These are the features which lead to extraordinary aesthetic results, plus an objective increase in the value of objects decorated with micro diamond, and their settings.

How do you present your innovative approach in the interior design world?

Ultimately, DiamArt is all about luxury and elegance, because of its Italian tradition and its artisan skills, which are typically Made in Italy!! Add to that our knowledge of diamonds combined with our technical and industrial expertise, allowing us to successfully dialogue with our interlocutors. And these are the characteristics that suit the interior design sector perfectly.

Industrial processes and artisan skill; how do you convey all this to the client?

At DiamArt we have a specialised team of experts who can respond promptly and effectively to our clients' needs. Clients come to us with an idea or a design, which we support as far as the prototype stage and then into the production of elements which will decorate furniture, walls, ceilings, mosaics and inlays. It's a process that requires us to work together step by step, on both the aesthetics and the technical aspects. We offer our partners a comprehensive consultancy service. In particular when it comes to the different methods of application, the choice of backing material and whether this is flexible or rigid, the adhesives, inserts and thicknesses, the most suitable sealant and much more. In fact, these are processes which combine the industrial capacity and artisan skill that are in DiamArt's DNA, issues our interlocutors are often unaware of, and we're happy to help them explore the possibilities.

What's your approach?

The most important thing for us is the dialogue we establish with the designer or owner, or whoever is responsible for creating new product lines. The relationship with the client begins with an introduction to micro diamond surfaces, and from that we get the initial ideas that will be turned into projects and designs. An interaction is born, made of proposals, counter-proposals, objections and confirmations. We start work on an idea from the client and shape an image using rendering, sampling... Then come the changes, additions and redrafting. The project becomes a crescendo of enthusiasm and effort. It's a process that allows us to raise the bar of our potential and set the limit a little further away. And then there's a prototype. At this point the client may decide to continue with production or test the market with samples.

A process of dialectics and synergy

DiamArt's approach consists of a dialectic and synergic process alongside our interlocutors which we've named Project with Us. On many occasions our interlocutors make specific requests in terms of format, size, colour and quantity. Our response is find new solutions and fine-tune new application methods, made to measure for the client. And this is exactly where craftsmanship, technology and Made in Italy expertise come together.

Federica Zanini, sales manager di DiamArt

Who has chosen DiamArt?

Our partnerships include major brands in the luxury sector, such as furniture manufacturers, marble suppliers, steel producers and expert artisans working with metal, wood, leather and mosaic. This versatility gives us an understanding of different production processes and allows us to respond to the needs of clients from a range of sectors, from fashion and design to automotive.

What do you give them that they can't find elsewhere?

DiamArt micro diamond surfaces are versatile, exquisite and highly customisable. What makes us outstanding is our focus on the detail, materials and style of our collections and the designs they adorn and whose value they increase. This leads us to collaborate directly with designers, architects and selected Italian firms specialising in the production of items which will feature DiamArt.

What are the challenges on your horizon?

At the moment, one of our objectives is to grow and help our interlocutors to expand their understanding of this new way of using diamond. And then to increase high-level collaborations with Italian brands to create products with the DiamArt name. Our aim is to take our brand and increase the overall value for this fabulous company. In other words, make DiamArt an outstanding partner for excellent finishes made using a new material with exceptional craftsmanship and technology, a comprehensive expression of Made in Italy.

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