Nicolò Fuser, Chief Product Officer at DiamArt, tells us about the craftsmanship and production of micro diamond surfaces.

Can DiamArt be summed up in a definition?

Craftsmanship supported by technology. For DiamArt, the concept of craftsmanship has a number of meanings. It's the essence of our evolution. We have combined technology and industrial processes with artisan knowhow. We are able to create a large number of products, thanks to the application of technology to manual processes. We can produce our own items or execute ideas proposed by others; we also have an excellent capacity for customization. Another legacy from the artisan world is our willingness to work on limited runs - even just 4 or 5 items, 50 or even 1500 - and particularly on one-off products.

What makes this flexibility possible?

First of all, what we offer: we're talking about diamonds that can increase the value of the objects they adorn. And we've taken them to places that were unthinkable before our patented process. Our product is suitable for a wide range of applications; the approach is project-based. We proceed once the client has understood the potential for micro diamond surfaces.

How does it work?

On three levels: the client can purchase the finished material in sheets and apply it to their products; they can delegate the customization to us, or they may decide to work on it with us. We offer a range of skills which enable us to handle complex demands and provide tried and tested solutions, invent new ones or design them in conjunction with the client. To cut a long story short, this is due to researching and developing inserts for the object to be decorated. The first step is to position the diamonds to create a genuine surface, and this is where true craftsmanship come in, the human component that helps to make our products unique. This is followed by the cutting of the inserts, which can be done by laser or water jet.

DiamArt draws on a pool of solutions already developed, which meet a large part of the client's requirements. The pool of solutions has been built up over 4 years of experimentation, tasks completed, and challenges overcome. These are luxury solutions; there's nothing standardized about them.

How does the production process take place?

The production process for DiamArt micro diamond surfaces is a combination of knowhow, artisan skill and precision technology.

Thanks to the skill and experience of our specialists, the micro diamonds are positioned by hand and then anchored in place by a process of high-pressure mounting.

The micro diamonds are partially mounted and placed side by side to prevent overlapping and create a single layer.

This precise arrangement of the stone means every square centimeter of the surface contains the same number of micro diamonds, allowing us to offer products with a certified carat count.

The technology enables the most regular surface of the micro stones to be placed facing upwards, resulting in a velvet-smooth surface.

Once the surface is ready, a resin backing layer is prepared using the material which will form the base for the micro diamond surface, resulting in a product which is rigid, semi-rigid or flexible.

When this phase is completed, the diamond-coated surface is cleaned to guarantee and enhance its shine without affecting its properties.

The result is a sheet or plate entirely covered with diamonds set side by side; this can be cut using water jet technology to create bespoke shapes.

Can you give us an example of the process?

A finish like micro diamonds lends itself to highly sought-after luxury goods. From the fashion sector, on buttons or finishes for elegant leather goods and bags, for glasses and, of course, jewelry and watchmaking, where there are countless applications.

But we're talking about surfaces made of real micro diamonds, and so there's a place for them in decor too, from details to embellish handles, vases and designer objects to exquisite mosaics and inlays.

DiamArt has been chosen as a partner by prestigious companies for customization and the execution of unique and exclusive projects. Our ability to customize products and the intrinsic value of diamonds help to enhance and showcase the objects our surfaces are applied to, giving them added allure and significance.

DiamArt confers enormous value, both perceived and actual, on products, meeting the need to increase their value and attractiveness.

And the future?

It's already here. From my day-to-day experience of DiamArt, in the very near future I expect to increase the company's to add value to the market by meeting the need to design using a material that's precious, innovative and unique, and timeless like gold or platinum; R&D is ongoing and constant so that we can give our partners the opportunity to design with freedom and creativity too, seeing diamonds where before it was impossible, creating combinations of stones of various finishes and particle sizes, and adding value to everything we meet.

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