DiamArt creates innovation for the luxury watch industry

DiamArt creates innovation for the world of luxury watchmaking: dials are now also made with micro diamonds. Tolerances and precision are increased thanks to the cutting of the inserts by numerically controlled machines.


The latest addition to DiamArt thanks to its propensity for research and development, micro-diamond dials for luxury watchmaking have been created, objects that are enriched with all the DiamArt distinguishing features: preciousness, novelty, eco-sustainability and uniqueness!

DiamArt has made research and development one of its key strengths in order to offer its customers and partners tailor-made solutions. This is the case with the collaboration with a prestigious luxury watchmaking brand that has created a new way of producing micro-diamond surfaces. An extraordinary evolution that has made it possible to switch from laser cutting to cutting by numerically controlled machinery, increasing tolerances and precision as requested by the customer and which can be applied in many other sectors.

As Elisa Ferrari Sales & Marketing Director and co-founder of DiamArt explains: "A solution created in collaboration with a customer, a major international luxury watch brand.  The requirements and challenges presented to us by customers, as has often been the case in the past, are a fundamental stimulus for us. "In fact," continues Ferrari, " it was precisely in order to guarantee the highest standards of quality and precision in the watch-making sector, that we wanted to study and create a production process for dials using numerically controlled machinery.



This is not trivial, considering that our dials are made from diamonds, the hardest stones in the world, which break at the mere touch of the milling tool. An interesting challenge that we have overcome and which has allowed us to enhance the details and respect tolerances in the order of hundredths of a millimetre. It has also allowed us to obtain the perfect definition of the edges and contours of the insert independent of the chosen diamond grain size and a very high degree of customisation thanks to the characteristics of this type of cut. As well as the possibility of creating unique pieces or mass production."

This adds another piece to the mosaic of DiamArt proposals, with its presence in the luxury watchmaking sector, which has unique characteristics and is very selective in its choice of partners.

The future of micro-diamond surfaces made with CNC technology will have prospects of a different level. Admittedly, they were conceived with a vocation for luxury watchmaking, but they are also perfectly suited to other sectors, such as high-end jewellery, where precision and tolerances in the hundredths of a millimetre range are essential to achieve a high-quality product.


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