Can Micro Diamond be the new horizon for the Interior luxury design? The case study with Anca Rotaru

Anca Rotaru is a Romanian designer who lives and works in London and Madrid, and the first prize winner in the competition organised by DiamArt in collaboration with Desall, with her piece Arabic Cupboard. The project had a great resonance so much so that it was also published on Elle Decoration Spain. In this interview she tells us what it meant to work with DiamArt and what inspired her creation.

The recent luxury design competition organized by DiamArt in collaboration with Desall awarded Anca Rotaru, whose Arabic Cupboard won over the judges.

Her creation, a bar unit of minimalist lines and Arabic inspiration, displays an elegant luxury with references to the typical style of the Arab world. Cross references, originality, elegance and balance are some of the characteristics that inspired the piece.

Cosmopolitan, dynamic, free and creative, Rotaru succeeded in fusing different moods in a single object, transforming it from an item of furniture to a piece of jewelry. As she herself tells us in this interview.

Tell us about Arabic Cupboard.

The unit features an oval central body used in an item of furniture which is conventionally square. The overall shape resembles a ring supporting a diamond, turning the unit into a precious jewel. The slim legs give lightness to the structure, which appears to float.

What's the relationship between your work and DiamArt micro diamond surfaces?

It's symbiotic: the characteristics of one enhance the other, and vice versa. I consider it a piece that fully expresses the decorative possibilities of micro diamond surfaces, even on larger items. The unusual asymmetry of the doors highlights the micro diamond surfaces, showcasing both the precious stones, which bring breadth and harmony to the shapes thanks to the Arabic-style motif, and the colours, in a range of shades created by DiamArt.

Which aspects did you particularly want to highlight?

My design encapsulates some fundamental aspects of micro diamond surfaces, from the most glamorous to the most technical: value, sparkle, exclusivity, strength, resistance, durability.

What was the inspiration behind your creation?

During my research what inspired me was the typical shape of Arabic entry doors. It was exciting. The rounded shape and the elegance were sources of inspiration for me. An everyday element treated as important, ennobled in a shift from something that contains precious things to something that's precious in itself. Every region has its particular interpretation in terms of colour and finish. This inspired me to create an object that would stand out, a cupboard for everyday use, enhanced by its exquisiteness.

What was behind your choice of colours and shapes?

I wanted to combine simplicity and the richness of the geometric patterns in Arabic art. I love working with colours, and knowing that the diamonds could be available in all the various shades was a stimulus for the creative process.

How did you reconcile your design and DiamArt preciousness?

I interpreted the specific desires of the client, starting with the glass base with visible joints, and decided to add diamonds to the geometric metallic pattern. Working with the colours was fascinating. I decided to use shades inspired by nature: beige, green, red and black; this simplifies the design by strongly delineating the shape.

What was the unifying feature between the diamond and the other materials?

One of my priorities, when thinking about diamonds, was to bring all the shapes and elements together, and so it came naturally to take inspiration from jewelry design. The geometric pattern is actually made of metal with a gold finish, precisely because it brings out the sparkle of the diamonds. I chose wood as the main material for the base, because of the softness of its shapes and finishes, and because it’s a natural element that has always been part of our objects.

What were the challenges of designing with DiamArt?

I've never worked with such a precious material, and I'd never have thought it could be used as part of one of my designs. I found it exciting, and that's why I decided to present an item that's very different from the conventional canons. I found the challenge of working with DiamArt surfaces and learning about all their applications really interesting; I've discovered a precious and unexplored world.

If you were to design with DiamArt again, what would you like to make?

A lamp. If I were to design again with the micro diamond surfaces I would choose this type of object. By combining the sparkle of diamonds, the effects of light reflection, with my style, I believe I could create something very innovative, fresh and lively. As a designer my imagination has no limits and there are many ideas that I would create with this material. From the smallest to the largest items. I just need a challenge. I imagine precious buttons for a dress and gigantic wall mirrors, fairytale atmospheres that become reality.

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