The new collections: Dorata and Aurea

DiamArt presents the latest creations in luxury, technology and beauty.

DiamArt is a constantly-evolving company in an ongoing quest for new solutions to offer its customers and partners. Its approach to the market is affirmed by its newly launched collections, Dorata and Aurea, which join the original Essence and Caracto lines.

The distinctive feature of Dorata and Aurea is the gold coating added to the stones, a genuine novelty in the field of micro diamond. This effect was made possible by DiamArt's tireless search for new technologies, ongoing since the company's foundation.

The DiamArt philosophy is to seek new, exclusive and technologically advanced aesthetic solutions while retaining the superb craftsmanship that distinguishes the company.

“We're the only company offering gold-coated diamonds”, explains Elisa Ferrari, DiamArt's co-founder and sales & marketing director. "We're very proud of our exclusive new DiamArt product for the luxury sector. Our priority is to continue coming up with new solutions, results of the constant technological research that allows us to achieve outcomes that are unthinkable for other producers. It's a permanent work-in-progress approach which gives rise to ever-new ideas and results. The ideas is to offer an innovative decorative concept which designers and fashion houses can enhance with their style and creativity".

Dorata has a carat content of 0.06 ct/ of natural diamond, and is characterised by its delicate aesthetic effect and sensual highlights; soft and alluring, it is a perfect marriage between the sparkle of natural stones and the sheen of man-made diamond coated with bright gold, which enhances the combination of diamond and precious metal.

Aurea has a carat content of 0.01 ct/ of natural diamond, and stands out for its extraordinary lustre, a dazzling shine that emphasises its power and a combination of precious natural diamond and man-made diamond coated with glossy gold, giving an astonishing effect to a collection created to impress, while retaining the exquisiteness of natural diamond.

Like all the DiamArt collections, Dorara and Aurea are also available in the Superior version, made with larger-sized diamonds than the original.

Dorata and Aurea achieve another exclusive goal in terms of technological innovation, high-level craftsmanship and aesthetics: the diamond is coated in gold for for the first time, creating the perfect combination for maximum precious effect.

Collections that testify the freshness and flexibility of DiamArt products, which are versatile and elegant, youthful and attractive to meet the needs of a luxury market that's constantly seeking new and exclusive products. For the very first time we present the concept of gold-coated diamond, an unprecedented idea.

And an outstanding characteristic of the DiamArt philosophy; constant creative tension to present aesthetics and style through the use of micro diamond. The mainstays of the collections are:

Size - two different sizes of micro diamond, ranging from 0.15 millimetres for the Classic version to 0.25 millimetres for the Superior, enabling decoration of both entire collections and their details;

Type of Micro Diamond - DiamArt collections comprise both natural and man-made diamond, and the combination of their characteristics, along with various coatings of bright metallic and shiny gold, allows us to create innovative aesthetic solutions;

Technology - thanks to our exclusive technical expertise, DiamArt is able to showcase the typical transparency of natural diamond and its refractive qualities, thus permitting numerous bespoke colour combinations.

The exclusive patented method of setting the micro diamonds gives these collections a unique ability to reflect the different colours back to the viewer.

With Dorata and Aurea, DiamArt once again confirms its extraordinary stylistic expertise.

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