Eco-sustainable processes And Reusing Resources

DiamArt has developed production and certification processes and ethical protocols which guarantee maximum transparency and certification regarding the provenance and ethical extraction of natural diamonds and control of the supply chain for created diamonds.

DiamArt is a young business originating in a longstanding tradition of entrepreneurship, in which respect for work and the environment and a strong ethical stance are mainstays. Genuine guiding principles that have contributed to the successful implementation of our core activities.

"It's a matter of decisions based on our ethical approach", explains Elisa Ferrari, co-founder and Sales & Marketing Director of the company, "which is also increasingly an essential criterion in terms of market competitiveness and sharing values with our target audience. Until fifty years ago it was normal only to consider one's own area, environmentally, socially and from the employment angle. Today we must - and want to - necessarily think in global terms; our planet is our home, and where our children and grandchildren will live and work. We need to focus intensely on production practices, in terms of both the environment and working conditions, and consider their implications on a global scale. DiamArt is scrupulously attentive to every facet of production. We want to be as transparent as a diamond."

This is the background to a path that has led DiamArt to state clearly and unequivocally its focus on important and current issues such as:

  • eco-friendly processes;
  • reusing Resources
  • supply chain control;
  • made in Italy production;
  • carat certification of natural diamonds;
  • patented technology.

DiamArt has managed to create a world that did not exist previously, completely revolutionising the concept of precious stones and building on the idea of a highly efficient example of circular economy, while optimising the characteristics of micro diamonds, which prior to DiamArt's inventions had never been used. Patents, certification, code of ethics and sustainability. DiamArt is the result of an exclusive process that combines a unique idea with in-depth knowledge of the diamond, artisan sensibility and an industrial process which produces repeatable high-value items. Let's take a detailed look at the main characteristics that form the backbone of the company.

Eco-sustainable processes

At DiamArt we've always believed in respectful use of our planet's resources and the reduction of environmental impact. Our mission is to pursue these goals. We use natural micro diamonds with a diameter of less than 0.8 mm, which contributes to sustainability by finding a use for stones which would otherwise not reach the market, being too small to set or cut. Thanks to DiamArt's patented technology, these stones have regained their due commercial value.

DiamArt's checking system for quality and sustainability also extends to created diamonds, i.e. those grown in a laboratory. This is a meticulously controlled and complex high-technology process, which reproduces the natural conditions that give rise to precious stones. Since they are created in a lab and sourced from suppliers selected by DiamArt, these diamonds also guarantee high standards of ethics and sustainability.

Reusing Resources

Over the years DiamArt has developed a production process that minimizes the use of all resources, while at the same time ensuring the work is extremely safe, by optimizing the consumption of energy, raw materials, air and water.

In our processes, the use of machinery is limited to the strictly necessary, and no energy is wasted.

The most delicate part of the process, in which the micro diamond surface is laminated with resin, is carried out completely safety and in a controlled environment.

Supply Chain Control

All the raw materials and products needed for the creation of our micro diamond surfaces are sourced within a strictly controlled supply chain.

Specifically, diamonds used in our processes come only from certified suppliers who comply with the international rules guaranteeing provenance and ethical extraction.

Made In Italy Production

DiamArt puts the quality of the products and services in first place. Therefore all our micro diamond surfaces are produced on our own premises, using processes and techniques carried out by our own staff and machinery.

DiamArt micro diamond surfaces are entirely made in Italy, from concept to design and execution.

Carat certification of natural diamonds

The density and carat weight of natural diamonds in DiamArt surfaces is guaranteed by a calculation method approved by the Italian Gemmological Institute (IGI), a reliable and acknowledged body at national and international level in the field of gemmological certification.

DiamArt has signed a fruitful agreement with the IGI (International Gemological Institute), which often leads to the development of previously non-existent protocols, since micro diamond surfaces are a completely new product.

Patented technology

DiamArt's technology for the application of micro diamonds is protected by patent. Micro diamonds can be applied to numerous bases - metals, alloys, stone, ceramics, glass, plastics, fabrics, leather, wood - guaranteeing an even and durable end result. DiamArt is the only certified micro diamond surface in the world. The process is protected by a patent lodged in Italy and extended worldwide (ref. EP283737506B1, WO2017212396).

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