A new partnership for the Spanish luxury world: DiamArt and 4Ces

Thanks to the collaboration with 4Ces-Ever S.L., DiamArt is opening up to the Spanish market, strong in its uniqueness and preparing to occupy a prominent place in the Iberian luxury sector. In this interview, Antonio Reyes, General Manager of 4Ces-Ever, exclusive partner for Spain, tells us what prompted him to take up this challenge.

Antonio Reyes is a highly experienced salesman who has spent years working for a major international brand. Today he has taken up the challenge that DiamArt and Elisa Ferrari have launched to him: to introduce micro diamond surfaces to the Spanish market. This is the first step ever in Europe and increases DiamArt's international vocation. This opens a new chapter in the recent history of the Verona-based company. He tells us all about it in this interview, with the warmth and passion typical of his homeland.

Passions and interests. Tell us a bit about yourself.

My main passion has always been my work, which I do with great dedication and commitment. I have been selling gemstones for more than 30 years and know them in all their various facets. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds and all the other most beautiful stones in the world have always been my travelling companions.

I'm a dynamic, sporty guy. I have boxed, played golf, worked out at the gym and qualified as a personal trainer. I love music very much and I am a singer in a band. Besides that, I like to travel as soon as I get the chance. In general, I love to put my limits to the test, I always look for stimulating challenges and situations that allow me to measure myself.

What was your most important work experience? What did it teach you?

Right from my first work experience, I knew that my future would be in sales. I love being in the market on the front line, in direct contact with the customer and discovering new ways and new approaches to achieve my sales goals. This passion and attitude of mine was confirmed when I started working for a large brand in the luxury sector in 1992, specifically in jewellery and precious stones. There I learnt how to apply a global strategy to a local market. I learnt to work on a two-way line, offering the brand's products but analysing and informing my headquarters of the market's needs. I worked as part of an international team, which included multiple business functions: product, marketing, logistics, finance and sales. An enriching experience, the most important of my career, which made me the salesperson and man I am today.

What impressed and excited you most about DiamArt diamond surfaces?

First thing: the challenge. Bringing such a revolutionary and unprecedented idea to a market I know well excited me. Second thing: the characteristics of the micro diamond surfaces, which are unique. There is nothing like it in the world. The innovation, the range of possibilities they offer and how they emphasise sustainability, a very contemporary topic and a value I share. Thanks to brilliant intuition, DiamArt managed to transform a previously unused material into a luxury product. This aspect thrilled me right from the start. The almost endless applications. The company's approach that dedicates so many resources to research and development, not stopping at what it has already achieved but always striving to find new solutions. This is a feeling that makes us similar. I am extremely motivated and excited to start this new adventure.

What impressed you about DiamArt as a team?

Elisa Ferrari told me about DiamArt as if she were talking about a child, a creature that she cared for and raised with love, dedication and sacrifice. That's why I liked her so much. Diego Brea, DiamArt's partner, a friend and colleague for years, a person I respect and who accompanied me in the first steps of this adventure. His presence is for me synonymous with professionalism and seriousness. And then all the rest of the team, made up of people with great value and expertise. I was impressed by the strength and passion that the whole team puts into their work, there is no need for motivational boosts, there is an engaging enthusiasm combined with incredible professional rigour. DiamArt is made up of fantastic people who have many souls: hard-working, creative and specialised. A salesman feels much happier when he has a product that is unique on the market, with exceptional performance, aesthetic and economic value, supported by a team that is constantly working to find new application solutions. I couldn't be more satisfied.

What impact do you think DiamArt will have on the Spanish market?

Very positive. There are solid bases to be optimistic: innovation, quality, guarantee, creativity and a lot of willingness to work. All the characteristics of the product make me think that its impact on the market will be important. We have to be practical and keep our feet on the ground, but when we talk about DiamArt micro diamond surfaces we have to remember that we are referring to a unique product with unique possibilities and characteristics. There is nothing else like it on the market. These are special features that turn a product into something more, a new concept, a new way of interpreting luxury.

Can you give an overview of the Spanish market, strengths and weaknesses in relation to the DiamArt product?

Many companies export their products to rich countries like the United Arab Emirates. I think DiamArt can be the perfect strategic partner to conquer these markets and achieve the best possible results. Obviously, we will have to work harder when it comes to the traditional sector, but the most important thing is that DiamArt has all the features to achieve great success. It is its very essence that makes it so. We are talking about a universe of possibilities that can be combined with countless existing solutions, innovating and embellishing them. A piece of jewellery, even one that already exists on the market - with the application of micro diamond surfaces can completely change its appearance, enhancing its characteristics, rising to a higher aesthetic level, creating a completely different and unfamiliar pathos in the beholder and the wearer.

DiamArt is an innovative product in a traditional market, such as the gemstone market. How do you plan to approach this market?

In general, the new generations are looking for something innovative when it comes to their purchases: new colours, new textures and new concepts. They are also very sensitive to the issue of sustainability, a value that, as already mentioned, is perfectly embodied by DiamArt. In the fashion industry, you can see how the more traditional brands are changing in their designs, today colour dominates everything for example. I think that in the jewellery sector it will be the same: we can be the perfect strategic partner for brands that want to offer something fresh, young and vital. DiamArt concentrates all this in a single idea, which can be translated into a universe of possibilities. I couldn't ask for more. It is the perfect answer to the demand for novelty that the market continues to place on us.

You are the exclusive partner of DiamArt for Spain. How do you feel about this? What is your outlook and goal for DiamArt in the Spanish market?

Grateful and proud. During my career I have always known that Italian brands have been and still are the most important brands, so now that I represent one of them with the best values, I am extremely motivated. It is a typical ability of Italian brands to combine quality, creativity, innovation and sustainability. I want to point out that DiamArt did not have to look for these characteristics, but was created this way, they are part of the DNA and this really makes it a special company. Our main goal is to find some brands that take care of their brand like we take care of ours, so we can make sure we are aligned correctly. I would like to add that when I started in 1992, the brand I was working for was also a young brand and was unknown to most people, and over time it has become more and more well-known and prestigious. Here I feel the same emotions, I have the opportunity to grow with DiamArt as I did with others in the past and I want to establish myself and this company in the Spanish market. The most exciting thing is growing together.

Which brands and sectors in Spain do you think will be most attracted by DiamArt?

Big brands from the jewellery, furniture and interior design, ceramics, kitchens, leather goods and footwear sectors. Fashion, the luxury world in general. DiamArt has enormous appeal. The endless aesthetic and application variations of micro diamond surfaces make DiamArt the perfect partner for any brand interested. I think it will be important to select and identify the companies to collaborate with, namely those that are most in tune with the DiamArt philosophy. The uniqueness we offer is a value and our task is to convey and make people understand what a wonderful universe there is behind this product.

We are experiencing a very unusual historical moment: pandemic, war, rising prices and shortage of raw materials. How does all this affect the luxury sector?

In my opinion, we have to get used to living in an uncertain world and adapting to new needs and opportunities. It is hard to think about, but in times like these, the rich increase their wealth, so in my opinion, the luxury sector will enjoy good times.

Long cherished dream, what would you like to achieve - commercially - with DiamArt Micro Diamond Surfaces?

In my career, I have always sought a medium- to long-term project. I don't like speculation, I don't like short-term projects. I would like to sit down in ten years at the same table with the DiamArt team, proud of what has been achieved in Spain.

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