DiamArt, readily availability of raw materials for the world of luxury.

The scarcity of raw materials and the importance of sustainability are leading luxury brands to seek out new precious materials and experiment with fresh and hitherto untested concepts. And this is exactly where DiamArt's micro diamond solutions come in, offering originality, versatility, uniqueness and availability of materials.

DiamArt stands out for its excellence in the luxury sector. And even more so in uncertain and confused times like the present. The economic and commercial circumstances caused by the pandemic and - in some ways even more chaotic and unstable - the war in Ukraine have given rise to demands which any company in step with the times must be in a position to meet. And at DiamArt there is no shortage of responses.


The first issue to consider is the availability of materials. In this field, DiamArt has no worries, since the DiamArt product range starts with a single precious stone - micro diamond - which extends to cover a wide range of aesthetic options in terms of colours, effects and customisations. In conjunction with the readily available raw material and the DiamArt team's rapid response, this makes our micro diamond surfaces an even more attractive solution for the luxury sector. If we consider other gems such as rubies, pink sapphires or mother-of-pearl, whose availability has recently declined, we can see the importance of a strategic choice to rely on a single precious material for use in jewellery, fashion, the car industry and interior design. This peculiarity has become a genuine asset for DiamArt, which is able to guarantee solutions and supply without limits on availability.



Several concepts in one, sustainability is intrinsic to a large proportion of DiamArt's production. The natural micro diamonds we use are actually the result of a circular economy which focuses on using materials which would otherwise be discarded, as these stones cannot be cut or set. Moreover, the establishment of a code of conduct for the selection of our national and international suppliers ensures maximum transparency regarding human rights, safety at work, environmental protection and anti-corruption laws.

All the raw materials and products needed for the creation of our micro diamond surfaces are sourced within a strictly controlled supply chain.



One virtue of DiamArt micro diamond surfaces is the extremely broad range of options available. One single material for an infinite variety of combinations. Certifications, applications, colours, sizes and bespoke solutions. Leading brands in fashion, jewellery, interior design and the automotive industry rely on DiamArt as an ideal partner in the development of ideas and projects that are innovative, original and utterly unique.


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