Carats Certification

DiamArt has changed the concept of the quintessential precious stone: the diamond.

From the outset we were aware that such a challenging venture required the collaboration of an internationally recognised gemmological institute such as the IGI (Italian Gemmological Institute), which could certify the results of the technology that allows us to set micro diamonds on various bases, creating high-performance surfaces with unparalleled aesthetic effects.

DiamArt's uniqueness lies in its ability to position the micro diamonds next to each other without overlapping, in a precise and even manner.

Thanks to this patented process we can offer a single layer of precious micro stones, enabling us to accurately calculate the carats present in each square centimetre.

The IGI, a reliable and internationally-recognised institute of gemmological certification, recognised the innovative nature of our process from the start.

Having examined our processes and our product, the Gemmological Institute confirmed that our method for calculating the density of the natural diamond present on DiamArt surfaces meets the rigorous standards tested in its laboratory.

Thanks to this collaboration, DiamArt is able to issue a certificate stating the carat weight of every item produced, and to request a specific analysis from the IGI where requested by the customer.

The DiamArt certificates can be in the form of cards, labels or badges to accompany products decorated with DiamArt micro diamond surfaces.

Our collaboration with the IGI continues today, and goes beyond the certification of our micro diamond surfaces. Indeed, we were chosen by the Institute to take part in the Gem Talks at the Vicenzaoro trade fair in September 2019, discussing the complex question of natural versus created diamonds.

The debate confirmed our standing as one of the few impartial organisations that have successfully explored the use of both types of diamond.

One feature that distinguishes DiamArt is the choice made in the creation of our nine collections: Essence, Luxant, Golden, Klarit, Brilliance, Riflessa, Aurea, Caracto and Dorata. The first five of these are characterized by the sole use of natural micro diamonds, Riflessa and Aurea by the sole use of created micro diamonds, while Caracto and Dorata by a composition of both natural and created micro diamonds.

Conscious of the various concerns regarding the origin of diamonds and owning one of the most innovative recent technologies for the processing of micro precious stones, we made the decision to showcase the characteristics of both types, giving our customers the freedom to choose according to their values and aesthetic tastes.

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