Design & Furniture

A vocation for luxury and elegance is an integral part of DiamArt’s DNA. One of the sectors where this is best expressed is design. The experience, technical skill and craftsmanship inherent in our way of thinking and producing allow us to be in complete alignment with the furnishing sector.

Thanks to a team of specialists who can respond rapidly and skilfully, DiamArt can support you from prototype to the production of decorative items to embellish:

  • furniture
  • decorative objects
  • walls
  • ceilings
  • mosaics
  • inlays

The endless combinations and potential applications of our DiamArt micro diamond surfaces give furnishings a unique, exclusive character, turning design objects into minor works of art. The brilliance and beauty of DiamArt micro diamond surfaces, combined with the elegant shapes of furniture, accessories, ceiling and wall decorations and mosaics, will create an atmosphere of class and sophistication in any setting.

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