One of the exclusive features of DiamArt is the ability to create decorative elements with micro diamond surfaces and to give them an extraordinary effect by the use of bespoke pigments.

The process of creating decorative surfaces using precious stones is one of DiamArt's most important patented methods.

Surfaces can be made in various colours and enhanced by the transparency and shine of micro diamonds, also commonly known as diamond powder.

The unique and complex colouration technique means colour can be added between the base layer and the single layer of diamond.

Thanks to the transparent quality of the diamond, the colour is reflected outwards, giving the surface exceptional depth and brilliance.

A combination of creativity and technology that only DiamArt can provide.

To facilitate the customer's choice of colours, we work with a range of standard shades from which the desired colour can be chosen. If a customised shade is required, we can create other shades appropriate for the item being produced.


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