DiamArt collections stand out for their focus on beauty and elegance, the aesthetic, decorative and technological value that opens up an infinite range of creative possibilities. Conceived and executed for brands and designers who want to make their creations unique and exclusive by using the world's most precious stone.

Preciousness and uniqueness are the exclusive features of these collections; no other brand in the world is able to present diamond in all the nuances seen in DiamArt products.

The DiamArt philosophy is rooted in the search for exclusive aesthetics, backed by technologically advanced solutions which work in symbiosis with the spirit of fine craftsmanship that characterises the brand's style.

Type of micro diamond

DiamArt surfaces are made using natural diamonds and lab-created diamonds, and are available in collections which feature alternations or combinations of both types. This means they can offer innovative aesthetic solutions and a wide range of options in terms of light and colour.

Dimensions of micro diamond

DiamArt collections are available in Classic and Superior versions. Two different sizes of micro diamond, ranging from 0.15 millimetres for the Classic version to 0.25 millimetres for the Superior, enabling decoration of both entire collections and their details.

This versatility reflects enormous knowledge and awareness of the potential of diamonds and allows their predominant features to shine through, from sparkle to tactile effect.


DiamArt aims to be a valuable new decorative solution for brands and designers, thanks to the revolutionary use of micro diamond in all its forms. To this end DiamArt collections exploit the various properties of diamonds, both natural and lab-created, in unprecedented ways.

Natural micro diamond in this size has a unique, unrepeatable and unpredictable ability to reflect light; it's an extraordinarily transparent stone. In DiamArt surfaces, its typical transparency and its refractive qualities permit numerous bespoke colour combinations.

Lab-created diamond has an eight-sided geometric structure, so its effect can be calculated and replicated, as it reflects light more evenly.

Both stones can be with either bright 24kt gold or bright metallic PVD coating or, to increase their preciousness and brilliance.

By alternating or combining the two types of diamonds, DiamArt can create unparalleled compositions in terms of variation and outcome.

Collections and Customisation

DiamArt presents numerous collections which use different types and sizes of micro diamonds combined with multiple colour options, aiming to satisfy the tastes and values of individual customers.

Collections include only natural diamond, only created diamond, or special combinations to achieve exquisite effects and colours.

DiamArt works with its customers to design new and customised combinations of micro diamond, to make their creations even more exclusive.


All DiamArt collections are certified by the IGI (Italian Gemmological Institute). This is not merely a certification, but a process based on close collaboration, to which DiamArt has actively contributed by rewriting the rules of gemmology in order to offer solutions that are exclusive, innovative and absolutely unique on the market.

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