Dorata Collection

Natural Diamond Carats:
Dorata Classic: 0,06 ct/cm2 (See IGI Report)

Dorata Superior: 0,12 ct/cm2 (See IGI Report)

Dorata combines natural diamond with bright gold-coated created diamond, a completely new concept in the micro diamond field. This effect was made possible by DiamArt's tireless search for new technologies, ongoing since the company's foundation.

This collection achieves another exclusive goal in terms of technological innovation, high-level craftsmanship and aesthetics: the diamond is coated in gold for for the first time with PVD Technology, creating the perfect combination for maximum effect.

A collection that evidences the freshness and flexibility of DiamArt products, which can be versatile and elegant, youthful and attractive to appeal to a luxury market always seeking newness and quality, and introducing the brand new and unprecedented concept of coating diamond in gold.

Dorata is characterised by its delicate aesthetic effect and sensual highlights; soft and alluring, it is a perfect marriage between the sparkle of natural stones and the sheen of created diamond PVD coated with bright gold, which enhances the combination of diamond and precious metal.

Colours available are Golden Cream and Old Gold.

Colours can also be customised on the client's request.

Watch the video of the Collection with the Details of Micro Diamonds

Dorata Golden Cream

    Dorata Old Gold

      Dorata Golden Cream S

        Dorata Old Gold S

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