DiamArt is the story of a Journey began with a dream

and became a reality thanks to the intertwining of passion, craftsmanship and industrial technology. It's a young business with deep roots. 

A constantly-changing process that blends passion and determination. A world arising from the ideas, courage and ingenuity of Isidoro Ferrari, who has worked in the stone and diamond tools sector for over 50 years. Curious, visionary and creative, Isidoro is the heart and soul of this venture.

His pioneering spirit constantly drives him to seek new goals.

He spent years researching micro diamonds, also commonly known as diamond powder, gathering a huge library of thousands of formulations, until he came up with his latest idea: diamond surfaces. 

DiamArt, then, is the result of experience, dedication and hard work.

An adventure born of a deep knowledge of precious stones and a passion for research. The inspiration that brings us together, the driver of everything we do, is our desire to create and innovate. 

Besides Isidoro, the founders of the firm are Elisa Ferrari, Giovanna Ghilardi and Nicolò Fuser, plus Alberto Ferrari, with all his experience and boundless creativity. 

All four had the same question in mind: what can we create with this incredible material we know and love so well?

The answer to this question was DiamArt.

The watershed moment came in 2015 when, almost carelessly and with the project still in embryo stage, we presented the first picture made with micro diamond surfaces at the Vicenza Oro trade fair in Dubai. In the same year we were chosen by Nike to supply the decorations for Cristiano Ronaldo's CR7 football boots to celebrate the Ballon d'Or.

This was the start of an imponderable journey of months of experimentation, sleepless nights, shared inventiveness and creativity. Tests and retests, prototypes and innovations. All drawn by an idea which was not yet fully mature, but loaded with expectation and positivity.

2016 was the decisive year for DiamArt, with the patent for the surface application of micro diamonds. The official birth of a completely new product on the international market.

The following year - 2017 - was the year of awareness-raising and the Salone del Mobile, where the DiamArt concept as we know it today took shape. 

2017 was also the year when our material was officially listed as a precious material, thanks to the IGI's approval of our method of calculating carat weight per square centimetre.

October 2018 brought affirmation in London; at the Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards, DiamArt was chosen to create an exclusive micro diamond version of the trophy, to be given to guests at the event.

Success was confirmed the following year, 2019, when the International Design Academy awarded DiamArt Fabric in the Textile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth Design category. The same year saw DiamArt becoming an official supplier for the United Arab Emirates.

Today DiamArt is a Made in Italy flagship product that carries absolute value in the world's luxury sector, combining Italian craftsmanship and sophisticated technology. Unique in the world

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