Luxant Collection

Diamond Carats:
Luxant Superior (See IGI Report)
0,24 ct/cm2 natural diamond with bright 24kt Gold PVD coating

Luxant collection stands out for its character and personality; it’s born to be noticed and draw the gaze, thanks to its light-refracting properties. The combination of precious 24kt gold and diamond makes it unparalleled in the luxury sector, exclusive new creation by DiamArt.

Refined and brilliant, Luxant has the total presence of natural micro diamond with bright 24kt gold PVD coating, to achieve maximum preciousness and exclusivity.

Available in Superior version, colours available are “Light Gold” and “Dark Gold”.

Colours can also be customised on the client's request.

Discover the Luxant Collection

Click the image to discover each Micro Diamond Surface from the view of a microscope

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