Caracto Collection

Diamond Carats:
Caracto Classic (See IGI Report)
0,06 ct/cm2 natural diamond
0,06 ct/cm2 created diamond

Caracto Superior (See IGI Report)
0,12 ct/cm2 natural diamond

0,12ct/cm2 created diamond

Glamour and boldness without compromise. Caracto expresses all the power and greatness of the most precious of stones; natural diamond and the technology of created diamond with bright metallic PVD coating, combine in symbiosis, with unique and exclusive results.

A collection that adds life and character to any item it rests on, inspiring admiration as all eyes are inevitably drawn.

Caracto's seductive character is sure to be noticed; the perfect choice for anyone seeking an even more vibrant and bright effect.

Base colours range from classic DiamArt Stellar White and Infinity Black to four other basic shades, each in three variants, which are enhanced by the transparency and light refraction that only diamonds can produce.

Colours can also be customised on the client's request.

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