Introducing the DiamArt Superior collections

Thanks to new technology and aesthetic concepts, DiamArt introduces the 0.25 millimetre micro diamond, doubling the options available in its collections with the addition of Superior versions alongside the Classics.

DiamArt's collections are founded on the highest aesthetic values and equally high standards of scientific research into technologically advanced solutions. Success, affirmation and amazement are the key words.

To this end we present a new product that further enhances the range of collections created by DiamArt, which are all now available in the Superior version. In other words, collections which use micro diamonds 0.25 millimetres in diameter; a feature that showcases the properties of the precious stones.

This is a DiamArt innovation in the sector, a solution that means we can offer partners and customers an effective way of meeting the needs of anyone seeking a greater predominance of diamond for their products. Micro diamond adds material value and tactility to creations, making them more visible and impactful.

The ideal way of embellishing both high fashion accessories and decor elements, thanks to the complete adaptability and flexibility in backing materials and inserts, which make DiamArt micro diamond surfaces utterly exclusive on the world market.

The process is exactly the same as that used for smaller-sized micro diamonds, and the standards of quality and performance are maintained unaltered. An aesthetic variation made possible by our total mastery of the techniques and technologies for working with micro diamond.

Collections that testify to the freshness and flexibility of DiamArt products, which are versatile and elegant, youthful and attractive to meet the needs of a luxury market that's constantly seeking new and exclusive products.

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