When diamond becomes a stitchable and quiltable fabric. An innovative material for haute couture creations.

DiamArt, which never ceases to astound, has added a stitchable and quiltable diamond fabric to its iconic offer. This fabric has already been tested by ABC Ricami, a company in Pistoia with great experience in embroidery and in the special processing of fabrics and leathers.

DiamArt launches a new product onto the market: a fabric covered entirely in micro-diamonds. Elastic, flexible, resistant, stitchable, quiltable and heat-sealable. This invention aims to offer the fashion world a new precious material to embellish and enrich garments and fashion accessories.


"We dedicated months to researching the right composition of the fabric, in order to make it elastic, flexible and at the same time durable and soft to the touch. We wanted it to be machineable with modern and conventional sewing and embroidery techniques to embellish and enrich garments and fashion accessories. This is why we requested the collaboration of ABC Ricami, in order to test whether what we had created could really be easily used by companies in the sector," explains Elisa Ferrari, Sales & Marketing Director and co-founder of DiamArt. "To our great satisfaction, ABC Ricami, to whom I extend my heartfelt thanks, succeeded in creating a precious diamond-quilted fabric for us, an indication of the great ease with which our product can be processed. The fact that we have come up with a material that did not exist is a factor that for us opens up new and multiple possibilities for collaboration and business."

Craftsmanship and preciousness. The ability of Made in Italy to combine knowledge and skills passed down from generation to generation with the most cutting-edge methods was once again shown by the successful combination of the craftsmanship of ABC Ricami's embroidery tradition and the preciousness of DiamArt's micro-diamond surfaces.

"We were immediately fascinated by the project," explains Massimo Tasselli Gelli, owner of ABC Ricami. "When we were shown the potential of DiamArt's micro diamond surfaces and the opportunity to apply diamonds to fabrics thanks to an innovative process, we immediately realised the numerous applications of the material. We set to work to understand how we could use our techniques to enhance the beauty of the product, giving it volume and three-dimensionality. The partnership with Elisa Ferrari and her team was stimulating and productive. The union of two different but complementary souls that meet in the desire to offer the customer a unique and highly customizable product".

Micro-diamond surfaces, heat-sealable on leather and applied to fabrics, are a further step towards innovation that DiamArt takes thanks to its propensity for research and development, a true hallmark of the company. Embedded in its DNA.

A high-profile Made in Italy product dedicated to the luxury market. DiamArt has now accustomed us to world exclusives, uniqueness and peculiarities that only the Verona-based company knows how to give to its partners and customers. Getting to lay diamonds on leather and fabrics, following their lines, embracing their sinuosity and enhancing their silhouette seemed like an impossible challenge, yet it proved successful. Experience, creativity, research, technology and craftsmanship are the ingredients DiamArt assembles to make even the most daring visions a reality. One of these is the fabric covered in micro-diamonds, an absolute novelty for Haute Couture worldwide.

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