Certified Micro Diamond surfaces

Carat certificates for DiamArt micro diamond surfaces: a guarantee of quality, value and transparency for customers and partners.

DiamArt offers its customers and partners an essential tool to guarantee the quality, value and carat content of the micro diamonds set in its surfaces. To this end, DiamArt offers certificates stating the essential characteristics of its precious stones. These certificates can be in the form of cards, labels or badges to accompany products decorated with DiamArt micro diamond surfaces.

The carat density of natural diamond on DiamArt surfaces is certified by a calculation method approved by the Italian Gemological Institute (IGI). The collaboration between DiamArt and the IGI has been ongoing for several years; a joint pathway to crystallise the value and integrity of these micro stones, which without the all-Italian ingenuity and inventiveness of DiamArt would be unusable.

Thanks to this collaboration, DiamArt is able to issue a certificate stating the carat weight of every item produced, and to request a specific analysis from the IGI where requested by the customer.

An opportunity that confirms the transparency and quality of DiamArt products. And further evidence of the value of DiamArt's market proposals: ethics, transparency and traceability. A guarantee for the buyer and for the entire production chain, right up to the end consumer. A virtuous chain that generates credibility.

Another step in the constant quest for the exquisite perfection DiamArt offers customers, partners, designers, architects, stylists, artists and anyone involved with this revolutionary new material, which allows diamonds to be used in ways previously unimaginable.

"It's a strong, clear position", says Elisa Ferrari, DiamArt co-founder and sales & marketing director; "an acceptance of responsibility and a demonstration of transparency which DiamArt is proud to share with those seeking to offer maximum elegance, luxury and traceability in their products. This new opportunity is part of a corporate vision which is increasingly geared to major ethical issues: transparency, traceability, sustainability and respect for basic human rights: all of which are mainstays in the DiamArt approach to business."

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