Life and Sharing: Our Experience Beyond The Pandemic.

We’re coming out – or at least we hope we’re coming out – of one of the most extraordinary periods our generation has experienced: the Covid-19 pandemic

As women, men, parents, husbands, wives, sons, daughters and entrepreneurs, we cannot remain unaffected by such an unprecedented event with such dramatic consequences.

The first of these are the physical and psychological suffering which in many cases have exposed a previously unknown fragility. A personal, intimate experience.

The second consequence is economic: a collective, social fact. The very nature of work – so essential for survival – has been undermined.

Remote working, closure of businesses, reopening, physical distance; face masks, gloves and sanitiser – they irritate our nostrils and burn our skin, but worse, they shatter our dreams and sear the hearts of many workers, weighed down by anxiety.

But here at DiamArt we’re not in the habit of giving up. Far from it. As entrepreneurs we know how to balance privileges and responsibilities, whether these are moral or practical. We gather our thoughts, consider our strengths and start again.

In difficult times we believe we shouldn’t abandon our home, our valley, and we should continue working, partly to give others the opportunity to pursue their own goals and dreams.

This is part of the legacy DiamArt inherited from its history, a story of enterprise and dedication.

From the pandemic we want to retain one lesson: freedom must be earned; sharing is a privilege to be defended, and work, business and society are made up of human beings. This is why they’re an asset that concerns us all.

From nature we can learn to remember: time is precious, rigour in producing necessities is valuable, and the seasons alternate between activity and rest, essential for letting ideas and plans settle. And this is what we’ve done here at DiamArt.

Under the weight of the period, we’ve generated new ideas, ordered our plans, cultivated our desire to produce.

Just as the hidden diamonds that form in a layer of rock under enormous pressure are found, extracted and brought to the surface, we must do the same with our inner strength and our enthusiasm; no excuses.

From life, our wish is to share strength and smiles: of little Federico, born on 9 May 2020, and of all the new lives begun during this pandemic. Wonderful happiness that reminds us that some diamonds come from the sky inside meteorites, evidence of the unfathomable mystery we witness every day: the renewal of life.

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