Alberto Ferrari

Alberto Ferrari
R&D Director, Co-founder

Technology and innovation have been my travelling companions since I was a boy. This is because I've always believed they can offer important opportunities to increase global wellbeing, in both human and environmental terms. And this is the personal commitment I have always made with my businesses.

But that's not all.

I believe that a commitment to research can also be geared to the development of tools that can make people's working lives easier, render production processes more streamlined and efficient and bring solutions where none existed previously; this is why our aim is also to enable the professional and personal development of our staff, so that the company's growth is seen and shared by all.

For these reasons, I believe DiamArt is a faithful reflection of my values. The company arises from this same desire to explore and create solutions in new fields, and it does so by studying and exploiting the unique properties of the micro diamond and the expertise of skilled workers, to bring to the market a technology that never before existed.

This is a journey of constant discovery, which has allowed us to explore previously unknown worlds and imagine scenarios hitherto unthinkable for the world's most precious and impenetrable stone. We accomplished this by studying and creating new tools capable of taking on this fascinating challenge.

With DiamArt our aim is to make the most of the innovation brought to the luxury sector by the micro diamond - also commonly called diamond powder - and so we invested in the development of a technology that has led to the granting of a number of patents.

Our route is mapped out by the challenges placed before us by the market, and we have moved from the application of micro diamonds on rigid surfaces to the current possibility of application on flexible surfaces as well

We have moved from relatively high thickness to extremely fine, investigating numerous glueing and fixing systems until achieving results worthy of our name and our patent.

Today ours is a winning product, thanks to its versatility while remaining true to its nature: unique, precious and hardwearing; it is produced using processes that can be replicated while still retaining their high artisan value and their ability to create beautiful and unique objects.

My aim, and that of DiamArt, is to continue developing processes and technologies that will effectively combine automation and craftsmanship, and thus offer uniqueness and attractiveness on an ever-broader scale.

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